The first thing I want to tell you all: this sweater is the warmest thing I have in my closet. In fact, as I am typing this I am wearing this sweater. Yes I have other sweaters but this is now part of my identity. Second thing: this outfit makes me feel like the most confident human being in the world.

After all of that let me get into it. I recently took a trip to San Diego (a little more than 2 hours from L.A) and wore this outfit on the way there. It was so comfortable and such a cute outfit!


the outfit

The sweater itself is so soft and a perfect layering piece to take into Spring morning when it is still a bit chilly outside. It isn’t a full sleeve but still adds tons of warmth and keeps you cozy the whole day. The bodysuit is the more standout piece of the outfit but I just adore it. It is a bit more blue than pictured but it adds such a retro vibe to things.


To not overwhelm the outfit, I decided to pair it off with just a pair of black jeans from Urban Outfitters and some black booties. I kid you not, these jeans are well worth the investment. These I received them for Christmas but I could easily see myself buying a pair on my own since they are so soft and better quality than the $7 ones from Forever 21. I know its a bit silly to say Urban Outfitters has good quality but they really are a standup pair. And for the finishing touch, I added in these new Quay sunglasses I bought that I am loving! I am not one to shell out a ton for expensive items but I do think we should treat ourselves every once in a while. These were a simple treat for the end of my semester.