It is the battle between the giants. It’s kind of like Batman v Superman but without the pouty looks at each other (don’t get me started). The epic battle between the contour kits. I am talking about the fight between which one is better: Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Contour Palette vs. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit.

To many these two palettes are the holy grail of powdered contour palettes. For a bit of a reference, on the Sephora website the ABH kit is ranked one higher than KvD. I would also like to add that this review is solely on their powder contour kits. I currently don’t have the skill or arm strength to explore a cream kit.

When it comes to contouring, if you have yet to endeavor I would ultimately recommend starting out with a powder. It’s so much better for getting used to your face structure. It is the training wheels for contouring apparently.

So let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of each palette:

Kat von D’s Shade + Light Contour Palette

contour palette

I personally bought this kit awhile ago as many people recommended it for my first contour palette. One of my favorite parts is that it came with a mini tutorial which I definitely needed.

I will say however that its really pigmented. Like really pigmented. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing but solely based on my preference.

As you can see, I typically use the middle shade(), this one is the perfect shade for me because it actually lets me create a shadow on my cheekbones. The darker shade I typically don’t use as much because it looks like I accidentally spread eyeshadow onto myself. The lighter shade() is also useful to me for areas around my nose where I don’t want too much contour.

I wish I used the highlights a bit more because the times I have they seem very useful. Usually I will use my own highlighters.

Overall this palette is pretty high end in terms of contour palettes. If you want a more dramatic contour I would definitely push you towards this one.

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Contour Palette

contour palette

Considering these contour palettes come in three different shades I will be reviewing the Tan to Deep kit. When picking this up, the wonderful associate at Sephora let me know that in comparison to the KVD kit, it was more subtle and better for an everyday look.

I have tested this one out a couple of times and I can definitely agree that it is great for an everyday look. It is also very pigmented but it is in such a way that it doesn’t seem excessive. Now in this kit there is a mix of shades that can go on as a highlighter, bronzer and contour shade.

If you are starting out then this would be ideal to just be able to get your hands on everything in one palette.

In my experience with the Tan to Deep kit, I found that it was pretty adequate for my skin color. I didn’t think it was too dark even though I was a bit skeptical at first.


So the definite answer, which one is better?

Sephora Beauty Expert: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Twitter: Kat von D

My choice:


Anastasia Beverly Hills!!

This was weirdly a hard choice but it comes down to practicality to me. I think the Kat von D kit is a great to create some incredible shadows but the ABH palette is better suited for more everyday looks. At the end of the day it really comes down to which kind of look you want that day.


If you want to see some tutorials on how to use both or to see some looks using them, I have linked down below some Youtube videos for you all to see!



Hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know which palette you prefer! And if you have any other suggestions on which two products you want to see compared be sure to comment that as well.