And we enter Day 5 of Blogmas!! Now that it is December it is time for the dreaded task of figuring out what people what for Christmas. I decided to release this gift guide early on because let’s be real here, we will most likely procrastinate. So for the first of the gift guides I decided to create one for the males we all know in our lives. This is a general gift guide of unique items all under $40.  The items under this guide are for those who are tired of giving the run of the mill gifts. You will definitely not find a simple sweater or pair of pants here.

We can all come into agreement that males are probably very hard to shop for, so I hope I can help you out here with this problem. Let’s get on to the list!


gift guide

1. City Map Glass

This one’s for the guys who want to remember home even when they aren’t there. Gift him the gift of his hometown. Price : $14. Check it out here. 




2. Game of Phones

gift guide

Not going to lie this one may be for you as well. Enjoy date nights

with this game that involves everything with your phone.

Price : $19.99







gift guide

3. Make Your Own Hot Sauce

This ones for the guys who want an extra little more spice in their lives. Have them make their own hot sauce with this kit and make the these holidays a bit hotter. Price: $34.95







gift guide 4. Shakespearean Insults

Okay this one is truly my favorite. If your guy loves a good Shakespeare insult, this one definitely calls out their names. It is purely a map of insults from Shakespeare’s works. There is also a general literary insult map available. Price: $25 (unframed).






gift guide

5. Scratch Map

I am so loving this idea! This one is the perfect gift for that guy who loves to travel! Go ahead and grab this map so that with each destination, he can scratch one off of the to do list. Price: $26-40







So those are all of the gifts I have for this guide today. I know its not many choices but lets be real, guys are difficult to shop for. But I hope I’ve given you good idea on what to get for this Christmas season! Until next time!