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Hello there everyone! Today’s post one that I have super excited to write. It is all about my London looks! If you don’t follow me on social media (I will leave my links down below), then you probably didn’t know that I recently traveled across the pond to London. Not only was this my first time in London but it was my first time in Europe! So for this big occasion, I needed a wardrobe to match. So with that said here are my London looks! I will go ahead and leave links down below along with similar items.



London Day 1




So for day 1, I am talking about my first full day in London. I actually arrived in London around 10pm and after 13 hours of flying, looking cute wasn’t exactly my priority. So to start off my London lookbook we have probably the most out there outfit of the whole trip. And yes I did wear this beret in public and it was awesome. To go along with my new favorite accessory from Forever 21, I wore a thrifted plaid oversized sweater with just a pair of black tights and my boots. Since the sweater is thrifted, I will list similar sweaters that you can use to complete this look.




For this look I wanted to go a bit more dressy since we were going to afternoon tea and the hotel was fancy. Believe it or not this outfit was actually really comfortable. I loved this outfit because it was definitely quirky. It reminded me a lot more of the times when I dressed more out of the box and honestly it felt amazing. So here is a bit of a reminder to those of you who enjoy dressing really extra, it is totally okay.

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(In the picture I am wearing a long sweater. Above is a similar top but you can totally pair it with any long warm sweater for the fall/winter)



London Day 2


On the second day, I tried to keep it a bit more casual since we were going to do a lot more walking than the previous day. That sadly meant I couldn’t wear my beret again. It was a tragic moment. However, that did mean that I could wear one of my favorite coats ever! Mind you I live in L.A so I never get to use it. So for this look I paired this checkered red coat (shocker its a hand me down), with this new Zara white plain top, denim pants, and my favorite pair of chelsea boots.

LondonMy favorite part of this outfit is how simple it was that it can be styled for anyone and any season. This Zara top is also one of my favorite basic pieces that I own. It’s so incredibly soft and it has only a slight sheer so a tank top is not entirely necessary. I am not one to purchase a lot of basic pieces because I love color. However since I do have a lot of black in my wardrobe I thought it was time to mix in some white. Not only is it super soft but it was really cheap!


I will go ahead and leave a link for a similar coat jacket and all the other pieces below.


Top: Zara

Similar Coats:

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London Day 3



And sadly, we have reached my last full day in London! It wasn’t a lot of outfits because we were so busy walking around, I didn’t really change outfits. On my last day we were also doing a lot of walking so it was another casual-ish outfit. Weirdly enough the weather in London was pretty sunny the first two days but the cold really let us have it on the last day. Being the person that I am, I didn’t want to wear my red coat again and opted for my Windsor pink jacket instead.



As cute as this jacket is, it is not exactly the warmest of clothing. Underneath I went with this knit top that I also thrifted, pair of jeans, and my black sneakers.


A lot of the pieces you see in these looks are thrifted and that is because I am really trying to embrace more of thrifting. Especially since I found such cute pieces at my local Goodwill! If you want to see a collection of the thrifted pieces I have, let me know in the comments below!

Like the previous two looks, I will have similar/actual links down below!

Similar Tops:

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Duster: Windsor

Sneakers: Forever 21

And that’s all I have for my London lookbook! Let me know which outfit was your favorite out of all three. Also comment down below if you want to see a thrifted piece looks!