With the hope of summer around the corner, it is time to get started on our summer wardrobe! To be honest, I have not always loved summer clothing or trends. But here’s to breaking that this year!  To start off I thought I would feature one of my favorite trends of the past seasons, the slip dress. This one can be a little tricky to style in the summer depending on what you are comfortable wearing. There are so many styles of slip dresses hence there are many ways to style them.

The one I am wearing here is from Urban Outfitters and for the most part is pretty simple. My favorite part of this slip dress is that even though it’s pretty simple it can be worn with almost everything. Simplicity means that you can go as crazy as you want with how you want to pair it.

So now onto the three ways I styled my slip dress:

1. ‘Slip’ It Over A Top

I can’t promise that will be the only pun on this post. Anyways back to the fashion, one of my favorite ways I’ve seen people wear slip dresses is over a t-shirt. Depending on which slip dress you have or what you prefer you could pair it with a solid colored shirt under.

For this look I decided to instead use a red-striped crop top under just for comfort against the heat. In the winter/colder months I did use this trend but instead with a long sleeved shirt. I like this trend because it is very easy to switch up depending on the weather.


2. ‘Slip’ On a Jacket Over It.

For those who live somewhere that is prone to very harsh summers, I would go ahead and skip this one. In the most part I would suggest this for the spring or early fall months where it is still a little chilly yet warm. Living in Los Angeles, I can assure you that I will not be wearing a denim jacket in the middle of July.

This jacket used over the dress is from Forever 21 and is one of my favorite outerwear pieces in my closet at the moment. My favorite part about styling it this way is that you can use any statement jacket you own. The simplicity of slip dresses allow you to go as crazy with your jacket whether you go for fur, denim, or leather etc. Just make sure to check that weather app before you step out with a jacket this summer!


3. ‘Slip’ It On and Walk Out The Door


Just like the title suggests, just wear it on its own! I know many people who perhaps wouldn’t be comfortable with this step but I would highly recommend it if you want something cute that keeps you cool. For the summer there is nothing better than enjoying the sun with the least amount of unnecessary layers as possible.

Slip Dress

For this look I do wish that I had a more statement slip dress but there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple for a day. This also gives you the chance to play up your hair + makeup if you decide to. The inspiration for me here was much more of an ode to the natural look.


Now if you are wondering, this particular slip dress is sold out but I have decided to leave some of my favorite slip dresses out there.

1. Urban Outfitters (currently free shipping + 20% off dresses and rompers)
2. Forever 21
4. Amazon


Now that we have explored three different ways to style a slip dress, go ahead and let me know which one was your favorite. Also let me know how you style your slip dresses and what summer trends you are looking forward to!