Have you ever spent time thinking about what life was like before we had social media? Yeah neither do I. However, I will be the first to acknowledge that it has definitely affected my daily routine. I am one of those people who goes to wakes up and checks my phone and  again before I go to bed. Constantly throughout my day, I will spend hours just scrolling
through my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Social Media FreeMost of the time I do it without really thinking and more as a force of habit. It was this constant routine of endless scrolling that made me try a little experiment                                             .

I decided to spend a whole weekend without any social media. For a whole weekend I deleted my favorite apps and tried to find other ways to occupy my time. How did I do? Let’s review:


Being completely honest, I didn’t plan out this experiment very well as I didn’t realize I had a field trip that day. With that being said, the two hour ride to the San Andreas Fault was spent listening to music while enjoying the scenery. For someone who usually would take the time to check social media, this was actually a little difficult.

However, one of the first advantages I witnessed of being social media free was the lack of pressure I had to share what I was doing. The field trip consisted of various stops along the San Andreas Fault and taking in our surroundings. Most of the students took this time to update their Snapchats and took various pictures to get that right filter. Having no social media to share my trip on I had the ability to take pictures and move on.

The rest of that day went fairly well until I got bored. Unfortunately, I get bored very easily so I found myself trying to find something to occupy myself with. Having this extra free time allowed me to do things that I wouldn’t have done on a Saturday evening. This included doing my school work and reading. Yes, I would like to confirm that not looking through social media actually lets you get your work done.

Besides the many times that I was tempted to re-download my apps and break this experiment, it really was not as difficult to get through the day.


As many of you know, I spend most of my Sunday’s at Disneyland and if you don’t know this then you probably don’t follow my social media (thats really all I do).  At first I thought this would be another easy day that I would be distracted enough to not want to check my phone. Yes you guessed it, I was terribly wrong.

It wasn’t until I was at Disneyland when I truly realized just how consumed everyone is with their phones. Spending the day with my family, I noticed how much time we would all spend just scrolling through our phones without even talking. Unfortunately, this is something I noticed all around me. Many people seemed more focused on capturing the right photo rather than enjoying the moment.

Sunday was somewhat harder just because I was surrounded by people just on Twitter or Instagram. However, it is just a matter of getting used to not reaching for your phone during dull moments.



On Monday morning when i finally allowed myself to re-download all of my apps, I realized that I didn’t really feel a need to constantly be checking it. The habit of mindlessly scrolling when I was bored was no longer appealing to me. Does this mean I will delete all of my social media? Absolutely not. I like looking at memes too much. However, I do recommend everyone to spend a day or two without it and realize just how liberating it can be. There is a certain of freedom that comes with not being able to be reached through social media. And if this has not convinced you, your phone battery lasts WAY longer.


Would you try going social-media weekend free? Let me know in the comments below!