And summer is finally here! Well at least in some places of the world. Although summer is one of my favorite seasons  because it is all play all the time, it is one of my least favorite for dressing. That is why I was so happy to get this blue BCBMAXAZRIA summer dress from ThredUp! I have no doubt that this dress is going to be one of my favorite pieces for the entire summer.

My favorite part of shopping on thrift apps/stores like ThredUp is that you can get amazing designer pieces for only a fraction of what it really costs. For example, this summer dress that originally cost $498 was down to only $43. Now I wasn’t always good at math but even I know that is quite the difference. Like this piece, there are many more pieces on ThredUp.

For those of you that like the ease of buying pieces already put into outfits like at any store, there are some ways to warm up to these apps. For starters, go into it with an open mind. Many of the times fitting these pieces into your wardrobe takes some imagination but they’ll always add something unique.

I would also advice not looking so much into the designer labels. I know we all dream of finding a Chanel jacket for $10 but by focusing strictly on brands, you are missing out on tons of options. So keep your eye out but also take a look at the other racks.

For more tips and tricks about deals and more go ahead and listen to some serious experts over at the ThredUp blog. Now they definitely know what they are talking about over there.


The Summer Dress Look

So getting onto the actual look! As I have mentioned, this has been one of my favorite looks to shoot. Not only is the color so fun and ready for summer, but the lace detail and everything is so unique.


summer dress

summer dress

The fabric is so beautiful that I don’t even care how formal it may look I’ll still be out at the grocery store in this. For this shoot I decided to keep it a little more low-key and natural in my wardrobe. This dress is definitely a star and deserves to shine like one. However for taking it out, I would probably recommend pairing a dress like this with some nice sandals. This is something that goes with the theme yet doesn’t take away from the actual dress.

summer dress

With my makeup look I decided to also be very natural-ish. Again I didn’t really want anything to take away from the dress . However I did want to take the time to talk about one of my favorite hair products! The Ouai wave spray has been one of my life savers for those days I don’t know what to do. As far as beach sprays go, this is definitely on my top 5 list. Not only does it work but it doesn’t have a weird smell which a lot have.

And of course we couldn’t have a photo shoot without flowers. It is summer and flowers are my loves.

So this is my look for this summer! I absolutely love this whole dress and I can’t wait to wear it out this season! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite thrift find has been and what summer trend you are looking forward to this season.


summer dress


Be sure to check out ThredUp’s blog for more fashion and buying advice from the absolute best!

Until next time!