We can now officially say it is spring!

Spring, when it is too cold in the morning to not wear a sweater but too hot to wear it in the afternoon. Setting aside this minor inconvenience, to me this is the perfect season.

Why Do I Love Spring?

Now is the moment when the cold ends and the warmth begins. This is when you get to shed off your old winter self and start again. The season gives you the chance to reinvent yourself whether in the way your mentality or in your outfits.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am really in love with spring.

And yes it is because of the amazing fashion that comes along with it. Spring brings the season of bright colors and prints. Although you can always explore these any time of the year, its spring when you can go all out.


Sunflower Dress

With this in mind I want to show you all one of my favorite new pieces. This sunflower dress was a recent find at a now favorite store, Buffalo Exchange. I will admit that I am new to thrifting but I was so excited when I found this dress that I had to get it.

Sunflower Dress


Spring Look


Since this look does come from a vintage store it is difficult to find. However these are a two similar looks from Forever 21 and Asos, both which are starting to release their new season lines.


If you would like to find your nearest Buffalo Exchange, check out their website for their locations. I also recommend checking out any local thrift stores and who knows which kinds of treasures you’ll find.



Be sure to tell me what your thoughts about this first spring outfit for the season and let me know about your own thrifted finds in the comments below, I would love to see some of your favorites.