If you still have not noticed, I have a serious fascination with flowers and water. That’s why I was so happy to be able to shoot in this beautiful trail in Palos Verdes, CA. Even more than that I was ecstatic to shoot this beautiful white dress from Luba. I’m so grateful to them for lending me this beautiful dress and I’m glad you will finally see the shoot!

For this shoot I wanted to keep it light and airy because this “super bloom” in California is so amazing it brought the color for me. The love I have for flowers and the great ocean blue is purely me being spoiled from living on the beautiful west coast. With the help of this gorgeous white dress, I think all of the elements here seem to pop.

The Beauty of Nature

One of the many reasons why I rebranded this blog is because I wanted it to be more authentic to my own style. As a college student this means that this changes from time to time. However, one thing that I can certify to be true is how nature can make me feel. One of my favorite things about the beautiful scenery is how peaceful and calming it can be. No matter what is going on, places like open fields and oceans have made me feel centered once again. To me one of the important of self-love and self-confidence is finding a place where you can find these things. Everyone deserves a place where that they believe belongs to them and their thoughts. A place where you can regain your strength and power after a long day or week.

Luba White Dress


In this rebrand I have found my place where I feel myself. This is in a place like this. I personally feel more free and more like myself when I am out in the open.

So no matter where you feel the most comfortable, we all deserve to have a second home. Whether this second home feels more at home than your first, don’t forget this place belongs to you and only you.


The Outfit

Now onto one of my favorite pieces of clothing I have ever worn, this white dress. Words cannot describe how much this dress made me feel like a princess.

This beautiful Luba dress is from their new collection and it is everything I love about spring/summer fashion. The entire collection is has beautiful details perfect for the season in your favorite flower fields or city. You can find more about their collections on their site. Previously I have blogged about these shoes and you can find them in that blog post here .

As for the accessories, my rings are from Forever 21 and my bracelet is a handmade design from Mexico. I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed shooting it. I also wish for you all to have an incredible week and hope you all find your wonderful place.