It has taken me a total of three new posts to finally incorporate lace into a spring outfit. That is honestly a lot longer than I thought it would. When it comes to lace and spring, it is very typically to find a significant amount of white lace. Although I admire the blank canvas from time to time, there is something fun about adding texture and color together.Spring Lace For one part, mixing the two eliminates the need to add a pop of color to your outfit. However if you can always add in as much color as you would like to any outfit. This option is simply more suited for those seeking a toned down version.

This specific lace top is a recent department store find that is not only comfortable but perfect for warm weather. Since the weather was slightly warmer on this day, I decided to simply wear a green bralette underneath but it could also be worn with a tank top.
Because the design of the lace is a little more busy it was hard to notice that there was only a bralette underneath but it is completely up for your own comfort level.

Since this top is from a department store, it is slightly more difficult to find online or in store. However you can find some similar lace options here from Express and Nordstrom Rack .


To add a little bit extra to this overall look, I attempted to french braid my hair. I would like to emphasis the word attempted in that previous sentence. I also paired this look with some of my favorite boots from Charles Albert which you can purchase on Amazon
Spring Lace.

What trend are you most excited for this season? Let me know below as well as any trends you would like to see in a future lookbook.