Disclosure: I did receive this pair of STS Blue jeans for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own.


And another winter look has arrived! The wonderful people over at STS Blue sent me this pair of ‘Ellie’ jeans for me to try out and aren’t they a wonder! If you haven’t check out my previous post, I mention how slowly I am trying to come out of my comfort zone in terms of my style. If you haven’t yet be sure to check out that post where I go a bit more into detail!

The Review…

STS Blue

So let’s get into this review. I am not going to lie at first I was a bit afraid of these jeans because of everything that was going on. From the rips, distressed detail and the ‘mohawk’ hem, styling this look was a bit of a task. However, the further I tried to style them the more I saw that these jeans are perfect for a casual day. Just slap on these jeans and a nice tee and you are set to go. With all of the details you have going on there is no need to have an over the top shirt.

STS Blue


Now onto the fit, I am a size 24 and they are very much true to fit. There was no worry of it being too big or too small around the waist. Now for me petite girls-listen up. This specific pair is a high-low hem which means the back is lower than the front. Unfortunately the bottom didn’t quite fit like I would’ve wanted it to  since I am on the shorter side. But it wasn’t anything a good pair of heels couldn’t fix. So definitely if you are anywhere 5’1 or taller than model is great. For my shorter gals, I would probably suggest pairing this STS Blue style with a shoe with a bit more of a heel. Again I put on some heels and didn’t find a problem anymore but not everyone wants to suffer with heels in a whole day.


STS Blue

Lastly, the material itself is super soft as well and are totally comfortable! All in all, I would definitely recommend taking a look at the site and seeing what catches your eye! The prices are reasonable for such a quality pair of jeans.



I will go link this specific pair as well as other options from STS Blue that I absolutely loved. Thanks again to STS Blue for these lovely jeans I get to add to my collection!

Pants: ‘Ellie’ by STS Blue

Top: Zara

Purse: Ross