Hey there everyone! Today I am bringing you a different kind of post on the blog. I asked you all to ask me some of your questions on Instagram for a question & answer and here are some of the responses! Make sure that you’re following my Instagram @_leslieleon_ for random pictures of my life. Without further ado here are some of your questions answered!


Question #1: What’s your favorite aspect of blogging?

Although I have been very on/off when it comes to blogging, one part I love the most is just the whole blogging community in general. I have been very fortunate to make friends with amazing people who have helped me with blogging and everything that comes with it. I love being able to talk about things that interest me and others out there.

Question #2: What have been your favorite collaborations?

This is a tough one because I have been very lucky to work with some very incredible brands recently. However one of my favorite products I have received was this set of sock from K.Bell. Not only do I love random and funky socks but there were some very cute designs I would also wear out. Although let’s be real I would wear shark socks out as well. You can see more about that collaboration here.

Question #3: Whats your day to day like?

Because I am a college student I do have a very set routine when it comes to my everyday. Typically it will involve waking up for morning class, a little coffee break (shoutout to the CSULB Starbucks crew), and then heading off into work until night. On the weekends I typically catch up on the blog and try to spend as much time I can with friends and family. Not a very glamorous routine but the work must be done.

Question #4: How did you get into blogging? and why?

Blogging for me came accidentally but at a very good time. Unfortunately I did go through a really bad time early on in high school that many people did not really know about. It was a difficult time for me but I realized that I needed something to get me out of the place I was in. It was during that time that I realized that I really enjoyed writing and I enjoyed expressing myself through writing. I was also really into fashion and following fashion bloggers I realized that I could mix the two and get into blogging. Blogging has helped me in so many ways and I am very thankful to have found this wonderful outlet.

Question #5: What’s the most challenging part of blogging?

Definitely time. Time restrain has been the most difficult part of this whole process. Because I am a full-time college student and I have a part-time job, there are a lot of times that I have maybe once a week to shoot and write for a whole week. I think this definitely limits the amounts of things I can do so it definitely hampers me creatively at times. Looking at it in a positive view point , I think it has definitely forced me to be more productive and creative with my time.

Question #6: What is the most fun thing/event you experienced through blogging?

I think the funnest thing I have ever experienced through blogging has just been to be able to work with brands who reach out because they like my content. To me it is very special that someone has looked at my content and decided that they wanted to work with me based on it. I have worked very hard to push myself to be very honest and real on my social media and blog and I love knowing that people are responding to that.

Question #7: What do you wish you would have known when you first started your blog?

Blogging requires patience and a lot more patience. The first real lesson I had when it came to blogging was that results were not going to come right away. As much as I love my content, I had to learn that it takes a lot more than just writing to get people to see it. Learning the ropes of blogging has definitely been a time consuming task and that’s something I wish I would’ve known beforehand but I am still hopeful.

Question #8: What are the best perks of blogging?

I would say the best perk of all is finding people who identify with the stuff you write and can connect to it. The best part of blogging overall is being able to find someone that may be on the other side of the world that agrees or disagrees with what you write and that you can have a real discussion about it. I love engaging with people from different walks of life on topics that matter to us most in life.

Question #9: What is your favorite post you have ever written?

This is another hard question because I see every post as a baby of mine so its hard to choose a favorite. However I think one of the posts I feel proudest about is my three quick tips to de-stress. I noticed that a lot of people could relate to that post in one way or another. My favorite part was knowing people were sharing the ways they relax and giving tips and ideas to each other.

Question #10: Is there any advice you would give to a new blogger?

Take the time to research everything before you hit publish. There are so many aspects to blogging besides writing that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. The biggest advice I could give is to simply take the time to learn what you need to do and create a plan for yourself for each time you write. This not only saves time but a big headache each time you post.

Question #11: What camera do you use? Who takes your pictures?

I joined these two questions because I feel like it falls into the same category. For the most part I use my Canon T6i camera that I was so happy to purchase because it was the biggest splurge I had in a long time. For more of the everyday pictures I use my iPhone 6 (i know, I am waiting for the 8). When it comes to the who takes my pictures I usually just ask whoever is with me at the time. Not going to lie that I have been blessed with parents who didn’t need training to take awesome pictures. As well with my friends who are amazing and are willing to go above and beyond to take my pictures. I find that using people I know helps me relax more in front of the camera.

Question #12: How do you keep yourself organized with blogging?

To be honest here, I am not really organized. When I was first starting I did take the time to organize my schedule but since life is crazy I haven’t had much time. However I did take the time to list out the posts I wanted to create and what I needed for each and went on from there. I plan to get back on track in the summer but until then I am just winging it.

Question #13: How do you edit your photos?

One of my favorite parts of Instagram is precisely this step of editing. I go through phases often and you can probably tell from my feed that I change a lot. However most of my steps stay the same each time. I use apps on my phone such as VSCO (would i be a blogger if i didn’t?), A Color Story, and Retouch when I want to get rid of unnecessary background items. I try to keep the process as simple as possible because my priority to always have the most color as I can.

Question #14: How do you balance everything?

It is definitely hard but I mostly balance everything by taking it a week at a time. At the beginning of each week I map out everything that I have to do that week and try to plan it accordingly. I have found that if i try to plan things ahead then it becomes overwhelming. Taking it a week at a time has helped me focus on things that immediately need my attention without worrying about other things.

Question #15: How do you deal with dressing up while traveling?

When it comes to traveling, the weather app is definitely my best friend. Personally, I try to make sure I pack for the weather that is expected with a few pieces just in case it changes. Most importantly is what shoes you wear. I know whenever I go to Las Vegas I know I am going to be walking a lot in the daytime which means I take some comfy shoes. It is all about knowing what you are doing and planning accordingly. As well as taking a few pieces just in case plans change.

Question #16: What is the perfect spring style?

The perfect spring style definitely depends on the person. I know whenever I get into the warmer months my style changes into a more relaxed and bohemian style. When it comes to spring it’s important to plan for the weather because it’s usually always changing. Overall it is all about what you feel more comfortable and confident in.

Question #17: Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from different parts of my life. Whether its my surrounding environment or just the people around me, I like to draw inspiration from everything. What I love to do is going on Instagram or Pinterest and following feeds that I love and immerse myself into it. That is one of my favorite perks of social media, the fact that we can easily get inspired by others.

Question #18: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well my number one hope is that in five years I am still happy and confident in myself. In general I hope to still be blogging and if it’s the time, doing so full-time. If not, I hope to be working in an area in fashion whether it is editorial or social media with a brand or a company.

Question #19: What do you think is the key to happiness?

This is by far one of my favorite questions. I don’t believe there is a sole path to happiness but rather it is whatever you want it to be. For me, the key to happiness is being confident in yourself and not caring what other people say. In my opinion, your life and happiness is yours and shouldn’t be influenced by what other people think your happiness should be.


Wow, well that was a lot of questions! Thank you to everyone who submitted a question! I did skip some simply because they were repeated or similar to one I had already answered. I hope to do another round of question and answers so let me know surrounding what topic you would like! Thanks for reading loves.