Welcome to the world of 2018! Doesn’t it feel nice to be in a new year where we start fresh and have some new goals we want to meet? In the spirit of everything new, here is a new outfit post for all of you along with some of my own resolutions for the year! If you haven’t read my goodbye letter to 2017 here.

Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links.

the outfit.

Beginning with the look, I wanted to show you all a more athleisure style look in spirit of the new year. Many of us have a resolution that has to do with getting or remaining fit in the new year. With that goal comes the need to up the workout wardrobe. This one is for those days when you are heading out from your workout and just need something comfy but stylish to lounge around in. It’s also perfect if you want people to think you got a good workout done. Whatever your reason is fine by me.

new year

new year

The look is very simple as I wanted to keep it centered around one of my favorite brands: Adidas. I promise you this isn’t sponsored at all, I just truly love Adidas. Above all else, I just love the mixture of new and vintage looming pieces in this look. This crop top definitely has a more old school style vibe.  The ability to mix and match is important in athleisure because you want to be able to take a piece to the gym and to lunch straight after.

Top : Adidas-Six:02 (sold out) (similar here)

Leggings: Adidas-Nordstrom (sold out) (different colors)

Shoes: Adidas Superstars- Nordstrom 

new year

the new year resolutions.

Now onto the resolutions! For this year I have kept them pretty simple habits I want to get into. As you may have guessed, one of my resolutions is to keep up my workout routine. For me, a part-time student and worker its pretty hard to actually go to a gym or class to workout. I have found it simpler to do at-home workouts. One of my hands down favorites that have made me love working out is Fitness Blender. FB has a series of programs and plenty of videos for any strength, ability and time.

Another resolution of mine is to make my bed every single day and keep my room clean. I admit that I will always get very lazy in the morning and leave my room a mess. Having a clean room definitely helps you remain organized and overall seem like you’ve got everything together. I’m hoping this helps me get myself together, we’ll see.

Lastly, one of my biggest resolutions is to stop being so camera shy. Yes you read it here first, I am indeed very camera shy. Usually with shoots like these it takes a lot of tries to get a good shot where I am not freaking out by people staring at me. It has been something that has frustrated me at times because it doesn’t help me produce content I want to share. It is very hard to be a camera shy fashion blogger. Since 2018 is the year of self-improvement, my goal is to no longer care if people stare at me being fierce.

your resolutions.

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this athleisure look and what your new years resolutions are! Love getting to know what all of your goals are for the new year xx

Until next time!