With college just around the corner, I am desperately trying to cash in any last moments of zen before then. Whether you’re working or starting school again (or both), you know what it’s like to only have a few moments to yourself. Thanks to Aveeno®, it is easy to achieve that.

Awhile back I talked to you all about the importance of self-love. If you didn’t catch that post you can go ahead and check it out here. One of my tips for self-love included taking some time to pamper yourself, in whatever form that looks like. I know in my moments for me, I like to put on a face mask, watch Netflix and take care of skin and hair routines. Since I don’t always have time to sit down and put on a whole routine, that makes these moments even more special.

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How To Create that Moment of Me

One of my favorite parts of these moments for me is being able to pamper myself with the best ingredients. And this is where Aveeno® enters. With their extensive list of products, there is always something for you to grab for your moment for me. I personally enjoy a good shampoo and conditioner that can make my hair feel amazing after such a tiring week. As of recently I have found the Aveeno® Pure Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner which is perfect for any hair type. For best results I would recommend using the pair together in order to ensure the best for your hair. And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t use showering as an excuse to escape all of the world’s problems. Now you can use that time to also treat your hair to the best of the best.

Next one of my favorite steps is making sure my skin is in the best shape for the next day. During these me times I really up my skincare routine and make sure I am taking care of my skin. With that being said, one of my favorite products to help me do this is the Aveeno® Positively Radiant Overnight Hydrating Facial. Unlike most skincare routines, this takes only one step to make sure you are getting glowing skin. All it takes is to rub in a layer before bed and just like that you are hydrating, toning, and healing your skin. I would definitely check this out because if you are like me you need an easy routine you won’t forget after two days.


And lastly, one of my favorite ways to just make it seem like I have my life together is body lotion. It may sound odd but hear me out. Is there no more of a satisfying feeling like knowing your whole body is getting hydrated? I know many people probably don’t see an importance, but feeding your body with a body lotion with good ingredients will only help hydrate it even more. My suggestion here is the Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt. I mean not only is it not a “lotion” but “yogurt”, how more refreshing does that sound? The creamy feel of the lotion will definitely have your skin feeling well taken care of. And that’s the most important, feeling taking care of.

So here are my easy tips and tricks to getting back some “moment for me” in small and daily doses. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried these products before and what your thoughts are. Don’t forget to also tell me what you like to do to reclaim your “moments of me”.

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