If there’s one thing that I trust to get me through the week is music (and let’s be honest, coffee). I know for the college students out there, music is probably what helps you get through all the work load. Whether you listen to it in the car or on your phone, we can all pretty much agree that music is essential. For that reason I decided to share with you all my April music playlist.

Every month I will bring to you some of my new and old favorites for you to listen and enjoy. As always you are free to comment below or let me know on social media some of your favorite songs. Maybe next week your favorite songs will be stuck in my head for days until I get sick of it. Go ahead and take a listen to either study or enjoy in your spring break vacations.

Below I will plug in my Spotify playlist for the month, I hope you all find or rediscover a favorite on here!



Hope you all found something to listen to that you enjoyed! And don’t forget to let me know some of your favorites for next month’s playlist!