And welcome back my fellow readers! I am happy to bring back another edition of my favorite series on this blog. If you missed last week’s post about money be sure to take a look at that here. So today’s post I wanted to give you all a little guide about manifesting. The key to the law of attraction is to properly manifest your wishes and goals out into the universe. If you haven’t ever thought about what manifesting is, this guide is going to give you a few tips and tricks. You may have noticed that this is only Part 1 of this particular guide. I am hoping that as this series goes into more topics of the law of attraction that together we can learn to manifest better. This here is a small beginner’s guide into the law of attraction.

So making this long story short: here is a small guide of some easy ways to manifest.

tip 1: know what your goals are

This one is kind of necessary for the whole sense of the law of attraction to work. In order for the universe to know what you want, you must know what you want. As easy as it can sound, this is probably the most difficult part. Whether it is something long-term or short-term it risky to understand what you want. Of course like any human being, these things will change from time to time.


tip 2: repeat your goals everyday

Tip #2 goes hand in hand with the previous one. It is impossible to manifest if you don’t believe in your own goals. If the universe feeds off of the energy that you give, wouldn’t it be a better idea to give it positivity? So to do this, be sure to wake up each morning and take a few minutes to repeat your goals saying “I will be/can do…”. Not only is this the easiest way to get used to manifesting but you will see that it is an extra motivation for the week.


tip 3: create a mood board.

The thing that makes the law of attraction so appealing to many, is that it is important to visualize. In order to visualize we have to get rid of our own worries and actually believe we can do it. A lot of times we try to avoid speaking about our goals because we aren’t 100% confident ourselves. One way we can manifest and further believe in ourselves is creating a mood board. Now there are two ways we can create one. One could be an actual physical mood board you create and hang on your bedroom wall. Cut pictures out or print them of some of the things you want to manifest, whether this is a healthy lifestyle, the place you’ve always wanted to travel, or that house you’ve always wanted. The other (and often easiest) way to create a mood board is to do it on Pinterest. The best part is that you can make it private if you wish. The concept remains the same and just create a whole pin section with images of things you wish. Be sure to look at this either each morning or night to reinforce this idea in yours and the universe’s mind.


Even though this post only has three points, it is probably the best baby steps into manifesting. I hope to bring you more tips like these in the coming weeks. Let me know in the comments below what you guys think of these!