Welcome back to another MM post! I have been so happy to see how much everyone enjoys this series and I truly hope it has helped some of you guys in a way. If you haven’t read the previous post, you can check out Week 1 and Week 2 here. I also have a special drop-down section under the Lifestyle category  that you can use. Now onto this weeks manifestation goal: school!

A lot of us have either entered another semester or are going to in the upcoming days. Of course all of us go into the school year with the expectation that it will be a good year. However, we tend to fall flat on that goal or simply give up. Today’s post is all about ways that you can use the law of attraction to manifest a year round good year.

write or say your goals.

Is there a certain degree or GPA you have in mind? At the beginning of the semester be sure to write down what your goals are for the semester. Keep that goal paper near where you do your homework or study to keep it in mind. If your goals change, write down a new set of goals. The more you speak about your goals the more you put it into existence.

remember- you have already passed.

Whether you have a test or the entire semester in mind, you have already passed. If you go into an exam thinking you have failed miserable, odds are that the universe will give you that. Now if you go into the exam confident that you have already passed and that you studied enough to get a desired grade, the universe will help you in that sense. To me this is more so related to the phrase “fake it til you make it”. Be confident that you can do it and you will be able to achieve it.

assume the habits of those who succeed in school.

A big part of the law of attraction is believing and acting like what you want is yours. For this reason, one advice is to act like you are a successful student. With this I mean, keeping your desk organized or doing your nightly homework. A lot of successful people wake up early and have a healthy lifestyle. Pick up these habits and assume that mentality of a successful person. This one is again very similar to the previous phrase. But this is an extra added motivation to actually pick up these habits. Just remember that the universe gives you what you put out.

I hope these tips help you guys in manifesting a successful semester or school year!!!

speciallllllll annouunnncceeeemmmeeeennnnttt!!

I am so excited for this because it has been a long time in the making. But I am so happy to announce that my Youtube channel is now up and running. My first video went live yesterday and I can’t express how happy I am about this. For someone who was a very shy person all throughout grade school, this is a really big step for me personally. So be sure to check out that video here and subscribe as well if you wish.

Hope you all have an incredible day and week.

Until Next Time.