Now this is one of my favorite topics: money. Welcome back to another week of MM! You can go ahead and check out last week’s here or through the drop down menu under Lifestyle. To answer your question: yes you can manifest money. I understand many people might not like this particular topic because it seems far-fetched but let me get into it.

the key to money.

Money is one of those things that people are often after in order to get out of a situation or for simple pleasure. One of my favorite things to remind myself is this: “When I complain about my bills or lack of spending money, does not automatically increase the amount in my bank account?“. The answer is no. Now the same is true that wishing for money doesn’t automatically increase your bank account either. But let’s think about it in another perspective.

Much like what the previous week’s have mentioned, the purpose of manifesting is not for money to fall into your lap. It is so that the universe creates the opportunity for you to receive this money.

Here is my tip for the week. Have a specific item you wish to purchase in mind. It can be either that top or shoe you want or something you’ve been wishing you had the money to purchase. Write down the price somewhere that you can see daily. Every day at some point in your mind repeat it in your mind or out loud that you will receive that amount and that product will be yours. As silly as this may sound, the words of law of attraction state that the more you do this, the more the universe understands that this is a positive energy you want and you will receive it.

my story.

I understand how silly this may all seem so I want to share one of my own experiences with this. If you’ve been around for a bit than you know that last September I went to London. This was my first trip outside the North American continent and was one of the best experiences of my life. At the time of purchasing this ticket, I was working a part time job on campus and making minimum wage.

However I knew the price range of what the tickets + hotels cost and I had that price inside my head. Many times I would repeat this number in my head as I worked. Flash forward to the summer of 2017, I received the news that I was hired at my dream retail job. This job would pay much higher than my previous job that was on hiatus (since it was summer break). With the pay that I received I was able to fully fund my trip and have some spending money.

I wanted to share with you guys this story to show just how simple this manifesting can be and how it can come about.

Thats all I have for you this MM but let me know what you will be manifesting for and be sure to follow up if you have any changes! I would absolutely love to know if it works for you as well.

Until Next Time!