Welcome to the first new series of 2018! I am beyond excited for this new weekly blog post since it is something that I thoroughly believe in. The core of this series surrounds the idea of the law of attraction. I will go more in depth about that that is and how its used. Today’s post will go ahead and just give you an overview of what it is and what manifesting entails. If you’ve never heard of either keep on reading and be sure to check out each Monday for a new post. For those that know about the law of attraction be sure to stick around each Monday for a new guide.

I have a video coming up soon all about the law of attraction but I wanted to go ahead and just talk about here first. The law of attraction is a state of mind I have adopted in the last couple months that has helped my motivation.

what is the law of attraction?

In a nutshell, the law of attraction deals with the notion that we as individuals are in control of the energy the universe sends to us. For example, when we wake up and spread negative vibes than the universe gives us a bad day. Vice versa, the more positive thoughts we have than we will receive better events. The purpose is to assure us that we control what happens to us and get us to think more positively. The law of attractions holds us responsible on what happens to us rather than blaming everything and everyone else.

how to use the law of attraction

LOA is in order for us to achieve our goals by envisioning us already having them. By creating vision boards or by reciting mantras, you are putting out into the universe what you want. The universe will then will reward you with opportunities you need to achieve it.

I will divulging more tips and tricks to use the law of attraction in different areas of your life on this new series. If this is something that interests you, comment down below what areas in your life you want to see this applied to. I am not an expert but I will gladly appoint you to some tips I’ve seen around.

Hope you have a lovely Monday and week!

Until next time!