Forget summer bodies, it is all about the hair people! With the heat of the summer upon us, it is important to remember to take care of all parts of ourselves. We all know how important it is wear sunscreen this summer, but we also have to keep in mind how dry and humid our hair can get during this season. A lot of these tips are easy little tricks that take no effort as well as a spotlight on one of my new favorite brands, La Bella. I am so excited to share these new products with you as well as helping your hair get in the best possible shape.

So here is a quick guide to help you make sure your hair is looking perfect during your summer vacation.

DON’T Use A Brush When Wet

Okay the capitalization was a bit much. But oh my does this hurt your hair. Not only does it physically hurt to brush your wet hair (um tangles), but it is so damaging for your hair. Don’t ask me for the exact science behind it, but trust me its bad. Now a lot of people frown upon this but I like to use a Wet Brush. These are brushes that are supposed to be made for wet hair. I’ve used these for a while and haven’t seen it damage my hair in the slightest. Now the full proof way to not detangle that wet hair is to simply use a wide tooth comb. Save yourself the heartache when your hair stylist tells you that your hair is mess and just don’t brush.


Use The Right Kind of Shampoo and Conditioner

La Bella La Bella

Before I enlighten you with two of my new favorite products, I wanna stress how important this step is. Using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner for you helps strengthen and purify your hair. After a long day, your hair needs this duo to get rid of any gunk and strengthen it.

I will admit that I never was  very good at choosing the best products for me. And enter La Bella. I have been using these two nonstop since I received them. The shampoo is La Bella Soothing Shampoo + Avocado Oil. This shampoo has made my hair so silky and soft and plus it has avocado guys. Avocado is basically a universal solution.

Technically you are supposed to use the La Bella Smoothing Conditioner along with it but I tend to use the La Bella Strengthening Conditioner +Plant Placenta instead. Since I do have color treated hair I like products that will help strengthen that and relieve some of the damage. Of course with many options in the La Bella collection, you can also mix and match your favorite products. My favorite duo hydrates and fortifies it.

Add a little extras

La Bella

I am absolutely horrible at my post-shower hair routine. There’s just so many different types  of products you can use that it can be overwhelming. Thankfully La Bella has me covered here too. With their serums, I can easily help take care of any fly aways and add extra avocado in there. The La Bella Super Serum + Avocado Oil has been my favorite post-shower product! Its just a quick step of spreading it throughout your hair and you are all set to go. All of these products smell incredible so no need to worry in that department. Go ahead and add a serum to your routine to make sure your hair is left as shiny as possible.

Avoid Washing It Every Day

Although I love using all of these products that help my hair so much, one of the best things I can do is avoid over doing it. Washing your hair everyday can actually damage it by stripping it from essential natural oils. Washing your hair too often can cause even more damage. The correct amount of days in which you should wash your hair is dependent on the type of your hair. Personally I’ve been told that since I have fine hair I should stick to 3 days a week at most. So go ahead and research what the correct number of days, trust me it does a world of difference.


So thats all the tips that I have for you today. If you are interested in purchasing these or checking out other La Bella products, be sure to click here and you will also receive a coupon of $1.50 off your next purchase!

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried La Bella products before and what tips you have for beautiful and healthy hair this summer!