Ladies and gentlemen it is that time of the year! The time when it finally starts to get cold in Los Angeles! Typically my fall to winter transition isn’t drastic as the temperature doesn’t really dip low that much. In terms of colors I usually stick to darker hues to contrast the winter wonderland.

That is why I am so excited to share this look with you all! It is very rare to find me wearing light colors in the later months but this sweater is so on trend and comfortable that it is worth breaking the rules. Another ‘trendy’ piece that I try out this week are ripped jeans. I’ve never really owned a pair of ripped jeans because I never thought of ways I could style them that would fit into my personal style. However 2017 has been a year to try new things and what better way than trying two trends in one look.


Now I know I have this labelled as a fall to winter look. However, this is not a winter look for an average winter day but rather for a slightly warmer winter day.

The Sweater

Let me tell you a bit more about this sweater. The knit material is actually one of the softest that I probably have in my closet. At first I was worried about the choker/v-neck detail since I am petite and I thought it would fall too low and wouldn’t look right. I was so pleasantly surprised with the fit and how it hit everywhere perfectly!


Now onto the jeans!

The Jeans

Like I’ve said, I’ve never really been one to wear any type of embroidered or ripped jeans. Usually I’ve stuck to a more simple pant but since one of my 2018 goals is to step out of my comfort box more, I am starting now. I got these specific jeans at a department store for such a good price that it has been totally worth it. They are skinny jeans and they just feel flattering when I have them on. One of the things I like is that even though they are ripped jeans, they aren’t exaggerated. If only, I do wish they were a darker wash since I already own a lot of light wash jeans.


Well my people, that is all I have for you today! Like always with outfit posts you can check out the looks below and some similar items I have for you! I hope you guys enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think about this look.