The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the mosquitos are annoyingly buzzing in your ear. We are now at the cusp of entering full on summer. For those of you reading this in parts of the world where it is winter, seek refuge in the fact that you won’t be constantly sweating. With the days getting longer and the nights getting shorter, you will find yourself spending more time outside than inside. For that purpose, I am bringing you another piece of my monthly music playlist! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out last month’s playlist for a potential new find!

This playlist is for those of you who are heading off on your summer road trips or simply road tripping to your bed and doing nothing. There is no shame in doing either one. So no matter what your plans are, I hope you enjoy this playlist. Like every month, I try to incorporate as many different genres as I can so everyone can listen to it. If you have any suggestions for July’s playlist be sure to let me know in the comments below!

I also wrote a piece about the constant notion that certain types of music are ‘trash’ or ‘bad’. You can check that out below as well. But without further ado, here is June’s Monthly Music Playlist!



Why There Are Is ‘Bad’ Music

Now onto the matter at hand. One of the things that I have been very passionate about, even more in the last weeks, is the freedom everyone should have to choose their favorites. By this I mean, not judging another person because of their personal preferences. Of course I mean this in a general sense, but I want to get into music and fashion choices specifically.

One thing that everyone can agree on is that the music we listen to or the clothes we decide to wear stems from our own likes and dislikes. These choices are so personal to us and who we are, that it is unacceptable to judge someone else’s. As an example, one common thing I hear is that music by The Chainsmokers is ‘trash’ or ‘not music’. I personally am a big fan of their music and the overall dance genre. As a fan of music in general, I don’t care about the technical things but rather the emotions it gives. When I listen to their music it makes me feel like having a good time or like a the party is just about to start.

This same judgment I see given to genres like country a lot. The problem with this critique is that we forget that sometimes these styles of music speak to someone on a personal level.  Who hasn’t listened to a song and completely related to the lyrics? Just as someone can find this in a popular song, they can also find it in a song judged by many. The same concept applies to fashion. Each person is entitled to their own style and choices. Music and fashion choices should be considered as a personal expression.

As we shouldn’t judge others by the way they feel, we shouldn’t judge people by their music and fashion choices. So if you want to rock to country or pop, the choice is yours. Don’t be afraid to plug in your phone and dance to your favorite song.


Let me know how you feel on this matter on the comments below or on social media by Twitter or Instagram. I would love to hear what your favorite song is and why! Hope you enjoy this playlist and the beginning of your summer!