How beautiful is the fall season? You got pumpkins everywhere, the leaves are changing, Halloween is just around the corner and the food-stuffing season is just a month away! Nothing is more precious- except when you live in year-round summer. For me living in Los Angeles, fall was always the season that was 5 degrees colder than the rest of the year. Occasionally it rained, occasionally. However since this is my first official fall as a part-time blogger, I really wanted to get into the spirit of the season. So this post is for all of you trapped in the heat while your fall alter ego is waiting to come out.

 Check down below for my tips on how to get comfy for the fall in the heat! And you don’t even need to live in the heat, you can use these tips wherever you go!


1. Binge Watch Halloween Movies! 

You don’t even have to watch scary movies to complete this one. Trust me, this girl doesn’t do scary. You can pick any fall-related movies. Whether its any movie set in the holiday time or family-friendly scary movies. Of course no fall is complete without watching Hocus Pocus like 10 times. We also have a classic like The Nightmare Before Christmas which is tradition to watch from October- December. You can even use it for Christmas time! Whatever your choice of scare is, movies are such a perfect way of getting into the season!

2. Take a walk in the afternoon

Even though Los Angeles is still hot during the day, the nights are a bit more chilly. On the off chance that it is not, it is still getting darker earlier. It is a perfect time to take a walk and pretend it is cold! This one is even perfect because you can take a walk and not be wrapped up in seven layers of sweaters. Pick a place that is slowly starting to get more green and brown and you will feel like you are in the center of fall. Plus it just makes this season much more instagrammable. So go out and get some fresh air and enjoy!

3.  Drink a Warm(ish) Drink 

Before you begin wondering how to drink a warm PSL in 70 degree weather, let’s talk this one out. Thankfully most places now serve iced everything. This is especially true in Southern California where everything comes out frozen, iced, or warm. So go to your nearest Starbucks or coffee shop of choice and ask for that PSL and whether it can come iced. Or be a daredevil and get it warm, the world is your oyster. I love a good hot chocolate but while I wait for the two rainy days we get, I will settle for an Caramel Frap (extra whip and extra caramel if you were wondering). It might not be the same but you will still be able to taste the fall season without sweating.

4. Go Pinterest Crazy

Oh how I adore this app. This wonderful and crazy addictive app. One of my favorite paths towards inspiration come from Pinterest. I personally am a visual person which means I love to look at all the pretty content to really get into the mood of things. So download the app (if you dare) and search in fall. Trust me, you will find yourself 2 hours later knee deep into Pinterest without even knowing how you got there. Search baking recipes, clothing inspiration or fall decor, whatever gets you into the spirits. So even though the outside screams summer, your phone will be saying fall. Also be sure to follow my Pinterest because I am purely addicted to the fall boards.

5. Spruce Up Your Home

And this is where tip #4 really pays off. Nothing screams fall more than having every inch of your home filled with plastic pumpkins (thanks Target). Again, if fall isn’t coming to you than be sure to bring the fall to you. So stock up on your favorite fall decorations, whatever they may be. Buy those piles of fake brown leaves (or grab them during your walk) and spread them around your counters. Nothing gets you more into fall than surrounding yourself with the best of the season. Plus this gives you a chance to buy home decor and who doesn’t love to buy stuff for their home! If you are a real dedicated fall lover, buy a fan and make it chilly in your home. Who says you have to stick with the weather you got? Although if you live in Southern California, odds are that you already own one. So blast that A/C and pull out your favorite throw and curl up in your fall decor with a book or a movie and enjoy!


I hope you guys enjoyed these tips. Again, these tips are mostly geared towards those of you stuck in a warm fall but even if its cold outside you can still enjoy these tips ! Let me know in the comments below what climate you guys are in: are you in a freezing or heating? Which one do you enjoy?

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