With April quickly coming to a close, it is time to start for summer to begin! The bad news for all college students is that with the end of spring comes the dreaded finals week.

Finals is the time when there is no way to distinguish day and night because you spend all of your time reading books and notes. It is that week where who knows whats the next thing you will order to eat because who has time to make something to eat. Okay this is a bit of an exaggeration, but is it really?

Now that I have shared with you 3 tips on how to relax, I thought I would give you all a couple of ways to survive your finals week.

Finals Week Survival Tip #1 : Have Your Space Organized

To all of my fellow college or high school students who study better at home rather than at the library, this one is for you.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a clean and organized space to study in. Even if this involves half an hour to an hour of cleaning beforehand, trust me it is something you want to do. Nothing adds to stress more than a messy space. You don’t need to worry about a desk where you can’t find anything. In my personal experience that nothing soothes me better than sitting down at my desk when everything everything is clean and where it belongs.

Even if you decide to study in a public place make sure you have all of the things you need to study. I suggest to take out everything you need ahead of time and space it all out in front of you. Just like before, you don’t need to spend so much time digging in your backpack for a pencil.


F.W. Survival Tip #2: Prepare Your Study Tools Before

You might be thinking, “Well if I prepare ahead of time, isn’t that just studying?” or “I don’t have time to study before, I still have classes,” but bare with me here for a minutes.

If you are anything like me when it comes to studying (I pray you aren’t tbh) then you often spend more time preparing flashcards and study guides than actually studying. I know at some universities finals week may be a funkier schedule than others, so take all of the time ahead of time possible to get started on the preparing aspect.

This may also depend on whether or not you know what the material on your exam will be, but especially if you have a cumulative final I would begin to gather your old notes together a good week in advance. This will help in the long run as you don’t have to spend a whole day preparing and you can get right into studying.


F.W Survival Tip #3: Exercise Before and After Finals Week

This one is a bit random but again hear me out. Exercise has been proven numerous times to be good for your body and mind. For this reason I suggest getting in a good workout at least twice during this week.

The reason I suggest once before your finals is in order to clear your mind and get it into the right mindset for the difficult week ahead. Exercising lets you release any nerves or stress you may have before and lets you focus on the stuff that you need to focus on.

I would also suggest to exercise once immediately after your finals week. I know most of us just want to move on right after finals, because come on its finals. However, what better way to mark the end of stress and a semester that a good, challenging workout that releases all of that stress.

This sounds a lot easier than it probably will be so find something that suits you. Whether its just a random dance party with your friends or hitting the gym, don’t forget to get your cardio in for the week.


F.W Survival Tip #4: Eat Healthy At Least Once

I know it probably sounds like I am trying to convert you into a healthy lifestyle between this and the previous tip but it all comes with a purpose. We all know for college students, fast food is the easiest(sometimes cheapest) option in this final week. Who has time to make a meal when you can literally just order something on your phone?

The con I see with filling this week with fast food is that often you will feel sluggish after so much sugar and sodium intake. This is no way to get into a study session mood.

I know it isn’t possible for everyone to have a well balanced meal, especially in college. But I do suggest to make the effort to include at least one clean and healthy meal during this meal. Not only will you feel better than with some greasy food but your mind and body will be in a better place to study.


F.W Survival Tip #5: Get A Good Night Sleep

This one will probably be a hit or a miss because which college student hasn’t stayed up all night studying before. However do you really want a tired or a well rested brain to take your exam the next morning.

In order to retain all of your knowledge from the night before, your brain needs some rest in order to process all of the information you just put into it.

I know a lot of students tend to pull all nighters in order to cram for the next day’s test and although some people can manage, it is not for everyone. Sometimes you just need to get a good rest to be able to fully be ready for your final exam.


Go ahead and comment below if you have a study tips or tricks for students. To all of my high school and college students, good luck on your finals!