Netflix. One of the few things everyone had in common this summer. Whether you were out there seeking adventures or catching up on sleep, or doing both, there is nothing like freely binge watching your favorite shows and movies.

With endless options out there, I have made a list of my top five favorite fashion related shows and movies for all of you looking for something new to watch.

Ranging from shows to documentaries, there is something for everyone. So check out the list of some of my favorites, and comment some of your favorite Netflix finds!

1. Gossip Girl


Whether you hate it or love it, you have to admit Gossip Girl is one of the most stylish TV shows to have graced the screens. If you are a fan of drama, backstabbing, and the luxuries of the upper class this is a must see. Having gone through the entire series multiple times (#TeamChair!), it is very hard not get attached to it’s changing plot lines or the ridiculously incredible fashion sense everyone seems to just magically possess in New York. This is a show I would highly recommend.

Netflix Summary: A group of hyper privileged Manhattan private-school kids seem to get away with everything. Except an anonymous blogger is watching their every move. 

2. The True Cost


This may not be the most upbeat fashion related documentary on Netflix but it’s still one of the best informative pieces I’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite stores have such low prices, this documentary shines a light on the truth behind mass production. Although I’m guilty of giving into fast fashion, this has helped me be more conscious about where I purchase my clothes from and how I get rid of them. I recommend this for anyone who wants to learn a little bit more about all the dangers of some stores.

Netflix Summary: The links between consumer pressure for low-cost high fashion and the meager existences of the sweatshop workers who produce those goods are explored.

3. Cluelessclueless-cast-2-1024.jpg

Now this is a classic! There can be no fashion list without Clueless. Apart from being the best symbol of the 90s, Clueless has some of the best outfits everyone wants. One of the best parts of this movie is that there is so many different styles to get inspired from, making it easy to get ideas for your next 90s inspired outfit. Plus, who doesn’t want that computerized closest.

Netflix Summary: Meddlesome Beverly Hills high school student Cher gets more than she bargained for when she gives a fashion-challenged student a makeover.

4.The Director


Produced by James Franco, The Director takes a different kind of behind the scenes look at one of the big powerhouses of fashion, Gucci. This documentary about then creative designer, Frida Giannini, separates into three parts all focusing on three different Gucci fashion shows. What I liked in particular about this was that it wasn’t a run of the mill documentary, it definitely showed you the different aspects that go into making a fashion show happen from beginning to end and what it takes to be the designer of one of the most important fashion brands out there today.

Netflix Summary: The intriguing look at the life and work of Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, traces her career at one of the world’s greatest fashion houses. 

5. The Carrie Diaries


To finish off this list I decided to add another tv show I think any fashionista/o would love! As a prequel to Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries has the loudest and most eclectic looks on this list and this is due to the fact that it’s set in the 80s. The best part about this show is that even though it is set in a different time, you can easily take inspiration and incorporate the ideas today.

Netflix Summary: Whats super-exciting, kind of scary, sometimes feels great and sometimes hurts like crazy? Life for a teenage girl.