It is that time of year my wonderful people! It is the time of the year in which half of us take to the shops either right after Thanksgiving dinner or the early hours of the Friday morning. The other half is glued to social media watching videos of the masses fighting for a tv. I am both of those people. For those of you who will muster up the courage and go out for your Black Friday shopping I have here a complete guide with tips on how to tackle this shopping holiday. Stick around as I will also be realizing a guide for cyber monday tips !


Black Friday Tip #1

Don’t go shopping on Black Friday.

I understand that it may be a bit weird to undermine this entire post in the first tip but stick with me. There have been so many avid shoppers who have noticed that the best sales aren’t realized on Black Friday. In fact, the best sales happen the days before Thanksgiving. This year the best shopping day suggested is in fact 11/19. In viewing the logic behind this it makes sense. A lot of times stores will lower their prices a few days before Black Friday in order to spike them up again in price so you believe you are getting a ‘good deal’. Isn’t it just a little bit evil but smart?


Black Friday Tip #2

Make a plan ahead of time

I can’t stress enough how important this will be on the big day. There is nothing worse than wandering around the mall with all of the sale signs around you and not knowing what you will by. Needless to say, the crowds will be huge and crazy so it is best to get in and out as quick as possible. So make sure you do your research on what will be on sale and make sure you know all the sizes and colors you will be needing.


Black Friday Tip #3

Make sure to read all of the fine print.

This one definitely goes with Tip #2 in that you have to do your research to win. By this I mean many stores will have a certain percentage off the total but on certain items only. If you know what sale is going to be happening ahead of time, make sure it includes all of the items you wish to purchase. Many times with the craziness of the day we will forget what is on sale and what is not until you have an abnormal total due at the register. Just quickly double check before you purchase to ensure you are getting a great deal.

Black Friday Tip #4

Get to the store/mall early!!

I believe most of America most likely knows this already. We’ve all seen the news reports of people camped out in front of stores before or during Thanksgiving Day. Make sure to plan ahead if you will be missing Thanksgiving dinner in order to go to the store. I for one can’t pass up food, I just can’t, so I will be heading out to shop in the wee hours of Friday. Double check what time your favorite stores will be opening. Be sure to arrive either a bit before opening or a bit after to make sure you have time to fully look around and make your choices.

Black Friday Tip #5

Remember its only just stuff.

This may be #5 on the list but it is the most important. Whether you are shopping on Black Friday (or the equivalent in your country), just remember to be decent human beings. In today’s day and age, with everything that goes on in the world, we have to remember that this is just material stuff. This world could definitely use more love than fighting. So agree to not turn into the grinch this shopping season but treat all humans we encounter with kindness.


And those are all the tips I have for this crazy day! Let me know in the comments below what you will be doing for Black Friday or where you plan to go. I know in many countries Black Friday might go under a different name and day so I would love to learn what the equivalent is where you live! Be sure to check back later this week when I post a guide to the sales with all of your favorite stores so you can know where to shop. I will also soon be posting a similar guide to Cyber Monday. Until next time!