With holiday season just around the corner, it is time for holiday parties. So for that reason, I wanted to write this quick and easy trick to make sure your brushes are all ready for whats to come!

I mean who doesn’t absolutely hate spending so much time making sure their brushes are clean and then waiting for them to dry after. It is a daunting task but here is an easy trick to make sure you spend less time cleaning and more time applying.


Step 1:

Gather all your brushes at once.

This may seem like a really weird step but you don’t want to spend time grabbing them one by one. Make sure you get all your dirty brushes in a pile right next to you to get them all clean.

Step 2:

Pour a quarter-sized amount of dish soap onto the back or palm of your hand.

Now if you have a cleaning glove or tool, you can also use those. The price for a brush cleaner is usually a lot so why not use something you already have at home!

If you really think about it, dish soap is used to get all the grease and grim off of your dishes, and it will do a fabulous job on your brushes as well! I wouldn’t recommend putting a lot of dish soap as that can really hurt your brushes. So make sure to just drop just a small bit as needed onto your hand.

Step 3:

Wet your brush under the sink and rub it with the dish soap

If you use brush soap than this is a similar step. Make sure you really work that brush into your hand to get every corner of your brush. This may take a couple of swirls around so make sure to squeeze out the water from the brush every now and then. After one or two swirls around you will start to notice the brush’s color changing back to its normal state. Make sure to rub in those parts that are still not changing as it can be a spot with a lot of build up.


Step 4: 

Squeeze out any excess water and let them dry. 

Usually I’ll let them dry on a flat surface with t

he bristles hanging off to make sure the water falls down onto the floor. I don’t know if this is true, but I heard that if too much water gets in there it can ruin the glue that holds the bristles together.


So thats a really easy way to make sure all of your brushes are nice and clean! I mean look at this difference below!

brushes brushes


Brushes: Real Techniques

I hope you guys liked this really quick and easy tip! Each brush should take around 5 minutes at the maximum each to clean. Let me know what your favorite beauty hack is in the comments below!