Okay now ladies and gentlemen (don’t lie, you guys like Lush too), so today I will be reviewing two of my recent Lush purchases . Now these aren’t from their Christmas range but I still wanted to share these choices with you because they. ARE. SOMETHING.




Now for my first one you have probably seen all over the blogosphere. Almost every blogger I know has or has reviewed the Sleepy, body lotion. I was a skeptic not going to lie but I still wanted to see what the hype was about. And boy, it’s worth it. If you are like me than you wonder “okay does it actually make me go to sleep?” The answer is yes and no. Will it instantly make you fall asleep on the spot? No. Will it cure any type of obstacle that prevents you from sleeping? No. Does it help you relax? YES!! So yes unfortunately I wouldn’t exactly call it your next sleeping aid, but it is a smooth scent that can help you clear your mind a bit easier.

BB Seaweed…


Now for the second product, I am talking about one of my favorite miracle savers ever to exist for skincare. The BB seaweed is one of their face masks and I absolutely adore it. So awhile ago I was using certain products that were making me breakout like crazy and were drying out my face so much. Going to Lush they helped me out by suggesting this face mask because it has aloe in it so it would help bring back moisture into my skin. I kid you not, I used this maybe twice and my skin instantly just felt and looked so much better. Overall I’ve never had a problem with their face masks, but this one is perfect for winter dry skin. Yes it is seaweed so it feels a bit weird but it is so worth it at the end of the day.


So those are the two products I will be reviewing for you today. I’m hoping to pick up more products soon so stay tuned to that. Let me know which are your favorite Lush products in the comments below!