Is there any way to set up your Christmas decorations without Christmas music? No, exactly. Since we agree on this matter, I am so excited to share this christmas playlist with you all! Christmas music is the best in that it spreads Christmas cheer all around and just gets people in a jolly mood. Here I tried my best to incorporate some old and new versions of songs in case you like that old school or pop version. I have created the below Spotify list for your convenience.

Now if you are looking for something for your 2018 planning, let me recommend you take a look over at the Girlboss Playlist from a few days ago. Be sure to use both of these playlists to get you into the right mood.

a Christmas music playlist…


Now thats the whole playlist I have for your today! Let me know if I missed any Christmas must-haves! Be sure to comment down below what your favorite part of the season is. Until next time!