Oh the joys of winter! Getting to wear all your favorite jumpers, wearing all those dark lipsticks, and playing in the snow if you are so fortunate to. However, with all of these comes a horrible realization. Winter is the time for dry skin. With all of the rigid cold and wind we experience (except where it is summer), our skin definitely puts up a fight during this season. Today’s post I hope can help you fix that. This post will be all about some of my favorite skincare products that can help you combat dry skin.

If you’ve been around since summer, you might’ve read my skincare routine + tips postΒ so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already. This post is mostly targeted to products that I have personally used that lock in moisture so well and keep your skin super hydrated.

1. First Aid Beauty Cleanser

I only recently started using this as one of my cleansers out of my arsenal of skincare products. I am so glad I did! Its a gel texture but it leaves the skin feeling so soft and moisturized! Currently available on Sephora.com

2. Belif Aquabomb Moisturizer

So this one I’ve had for years in sample versions that I kept receiving. I never really used them until recently when an employee said my previous moisturizer/cleanser was making me breakout and drying my skin. This things works miracles! I love how cool it is only my face and you can just instantly feel the moisture!! By far one of my favorite skincare products. Available at sephora.com

3. Mario Badescu Rose Water

I mentioned this one before in one of my monthly favorites and it is still true! Usually on days I feel too lazy to do a full makeup look, I’ll spray this on there with a bit of foundation and mascara and I’m out for the dya. It definitely helps freshen up your look and works wonders with hydration. Available at Nordstrom.com.

4. Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm

Image result for rosebud lip balm

And of course we can’t forget the lips either! If you’re like me, you go full on with the dark lip colors which can be horrible on the lips. Added in with the dryness of the season than you can get some really chapped lips. These lip balms are definitely some of my favorites because they actually work. Available at sephora.com, $7

5. Bath and Body Works – Hand Lotion


I love these stinking lotions! So another crucial area to make sure we moisturize would be our hands. Just think at how horrible the feeling of dry hands feels like! I like these because they come in so many different scents and yet work wonders. Available at bathandbodyworks.com, $4.