Welcome to the day 4 of blogmas on the blog! I’ve been loving creating holiday content for you guys especially during this season. However like I said back on Day 1, not all of the content during these 25 days will be holiday inspired. This particular playlist post is geared more towards after the holidays. After Christmas will be the New Years, the time when we all look forward towards the future and what it holds.

Now since we are girlbosses here and 2018 will be our year, I wanted to create a playlist for us to jam out to while we get our work done. Although the new year is still a month away, it is never too early to start planning the goals we plan to crush. So this one is for all of you lovely ladies out there that are getting ready to take on the world.

Ill be sure to link down the youtube videos below and if you want to take this playlist on the go, I’ll go ahead and put down the Spotify playlist as well.

1. Instruction (Jax Jones ft Demi Lovato, Steffion Don)

I love this song for many, many reasons. For starters, I love upbeat and music to jam out to. Secondly, the whole message is basically telling everyone that to back down because the boss has arrived. Here is the song for all of you too feel like the boss that you are.

2. Power (Little Mix ft. Stormzy)

Okay can we get even more of a girl boss anthem than this? I could probably name you ten Little Mix songs that are perfect getting into a work mode but I will only list one on here . So if you are feeling a little under motivated, here is the place to go.

3. New Rules (Dua Lipa)

Now, what better way to not let some guy ruin your attitude than a song telling you not to. This one is for my girls out there that are going through heartbreak during this season. I like this song because it basically tells you what every friend tries to tell you, but with a catchy beat.

4. Run the World (Girls) [Beyonce]

Okay who better to tell everyone how fierce females are than the Queen herself. Here is your daily reminder than you can do anything you set your mind to.


5. Bo$$ (Fifth Harmony

And for the final song, we have another song by a rockin’ girl group. Like the other songs on this list, this song reminds you of everything you can achieve despite what others say out there.


Hope you liked those five songs above, be sure to check out the Spotify playlist to see all of the songs I have added on there. Let me know what song you have set as your girl boss anthem in the comments below! Until next time!

Spotify playlist…