I have been waiting a long time to do this post! Like many of you, I’m assuming, one of my all time weakness is a good scent or fragrance! Whether it be a perfume or flowers, I love anything that adds a little extra touch to the space. If you’ve been around long enough that you might’ve read my post on different ways to relax. One of these ways included lighting up a nice candle with your favorite scent and take a breather. For today’s post I decided to share with you all my unnecessarily large candle collection. I say unnecessary because the majority have not even been used or opened yet.


So without further ado, I wanted to show you guys my candle collection!I don’t have much space to light candles in my room so I do have to wait to light them one at a time. Which is why I have a lot I don’t use. And now for the candles.


1. Haven Seagrass & Coral

Now this one is probably the oldest one I’ve had and is the first of my collection. Although its more suited for the summer than the holidays, it does have a more refreshing smell.  At first smell it reminded me of the beach and ocean but after constant use I think the smell is more so of heavy perfume. Its a shame because the first time I smelled it was in the summer and reminded me of the beach.

2. DW – Oakmoss & Cedar

So this candle is the one that I’ve mostly been using now and that is currently lit up in my room. Although its the one that I currently have lit in my room, its probably never going to run out. I’ve had it for months and still hasn’t ran out. It’s a very strong smell so if you are looking to buy a bigger candle, make sure its something you can handle for a long time. But this one is more of a oak smell so it’s like being in a forest, which is my favorite!


3. Target – Desert Bloom

I’m not going to lie, this one I bought on a whim. It was only $3 so I decided, why not? I still haven’t even lit this one yet since I bought it but I’m most likely going to wait until its spring or summer because it is a more lighter and sweeter scent. One of my favorite parts is that it is sweet but it has a punch of a little oak in it so it’s not just a one scent. It’s like smelling candy in a forest.

4. Target – Frosted Fir Candle

This one I just recently picked up at Target while looking for my Christmas decorations and I’m so excited to light it up! As the name gives away, it smells like a giant Christmas tree!!!  I’ll most likely be subbing out my normal one for this one for the festive season. At the time Target had loads of holiday candles so if you are wanting to grab one (or three) be sure to check Target.

5. Target – Hearth & Hand Cedar Magnolia

I clearly need to stop going to Target. Probably not soon but soon. I am sooo excited to try this one out that I might have to put it somewhere else in my home to just light it. Although I didn’t buy an actual candle holder so I do need to wait for that. So if you haven’t seen yet, The Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper have partnered with Target on a new collection of home decor and I couldn’t be more excited. The day of launch my mother and I went to Target to pick up some goodies and this is one of my purchases. However this does have a more cologne smell it does smell like a good smelling man.


So that is all of my collection at the moment! I thought I had more and honestly I probably have more hidden somewhere but those are the ones I could fine.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and make sure to leave in the comments below what your favorite scents are, especially for this holiday season! Til next time!