It is day 15! To celebrate todays post is kind of special. A lot of you know that fashion has been something I have been very much attracted to for a long time now. So this post is all up what made me into a fashion blogger and where I am right now with my style. In the coming days I will be talking about more of a recap of the year but lets get onto it.

If you have been here since the very,very beginning, then you remember a small blog I had before this one called Charmed Waves. Don’t ask me why I made that my name, I still don’t recall what led me to that. Anyways at the time I started that blog, I was solely focusing in on fashion. That was a very different place to where I am now. If you’ve noticed, fashion has been something I have not entirely given it my entire push in 2017. All of this has to do with where I currently am.

Fashion to me has been an expression of myself. Starting in senior year of high school I had a more eclectic taste of style. This was because I was trying to burst out of this bubble I was in of toxic people that were in my life. This need to get out of this toxicity turned into mixing prints and patterns. Once I left high school this turned into me finally being free from that and free from certain people. In fashion, my style suffered. Leaving high school is kind of difficult because you have to figure out who you are apart from this bubble you grew up in for the last 4 years.

The beginning of college made me go a lot simpler in fashion because I didn’t know what style I qualified into. I believed you had to pick a specific style and stick to it. That brings me to today. The older I’ve gotten and the more I’ve meant beautiful bloggers in the world, I’ve realized this is false. Everyday can bring in a new style. As a fashion blogger, my goal is to share different types of styles to you in order to guide your own path. I myself do not label myself as a certain style. I do not want to be known for a preppy or boho look specifically. As I said early on, fashion is a form of self expression.

One of the things I want to stress is that everyone can do what they want in fashion. As a petite girl, there are certain styles that people say I shouldn’t wear because I am too short. Thats a lie. Stores likes ASOS and Boohoo have petite lines that most of the time model after certain trends at the moment. I never want you guys to say you can’t pull something off. It may take a bit more of research or trying on, but it is possible.

Starting in 2018, the fashion content shared on this blog will be a lot different than I’ve shared so far. I have never wanted to be plain and simple in terms of style. All I saw in high school was this, simple looks. I have never wanted to be like the people I went to high school with. So heres to the return of a more refined take on out of the normal looks. I hope with this, you guys can be inspired to do your own thing and find your own style.

I know this is kind of a ranting post about fashion but it is something I wanted to share with you all. Hope you all have/had a marvelous day! Until next time loves.