Hello there my friends! We are now two weeks into the month and with that we have only ten days left until Christmas!!! (*insert faint cheering here*) So for those of you who are still out there buying gifts (I know some of you reading this still haven’t shopped don’t lie), here is another gift guide! If you missed my last gift guide, be sure to check out a list of unique gifts you can give to males in your life here. Today’s gift guide is one for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Here are my top 6 choices to give if you are feeling an extra generous and want to gift a luxury item! Here we have 6 choices for both males and females, so hope you enjoy!

Luxury Items for Her


1. Coach Selena Grace Bag

Not going to lie, this is on here purely because I have been wanting this purse forever. Unfortunately for myself, I am not going to buy myself $395 worth of anything anytime soon. But if you are looking for an item to really make someones day, this definitely would be a right choice. I believe there are a total of three colors: white, red and burgundy.

2. Birthstone Ring or Necklace

Now before the guys out there afraid of commitment start running away from here lets clarify something. A nice piece of jewelry is a very simple yet over the top gift you could give. I’m not exactly promoting the idea of proposing here (although if you do send me pictures), but nothing is as sweet as getting someones birth stone they can carry anywhere.

3. A classic perfume or set

This one is a sure fire way to win points on Christmas. I think this is an easy luxury gift to give because not a lot of people splurge on perfume for themselves. It is one of those items we never think about buying for ourselves. So spoil your favorite person with their favorite scent or one that brings back memories.



Luxury Items for Him


1. A Watch

This one I would think is the equivalent of getting jewelry for a female. Although I really don’t know. It is a sweet reminder that you could give someone to have a constant reminder of you. Plus there are so many styles out that you can surely find something perfect for that special guy in your life (well second, pets take priority).

2. A Bottle of Cologne 

Can you tell I don’t shop for guys that often? Still nothing is as great than when you borrow a sweater thats packed with the cologne you gave him (well actually there a lot of things better…). So go ahead and treat with to a nice scent that he will use profusely until it runs out in a week.

3. A Wallet

We are really reaching the box with this one. But aren’t we all tired of seeing guys pull out their tattered wallets? Instead of getting another one that will most likely tear after a few uses, get him one that will hold whatever it is they do with them. Nothing says luxury more than getting something thats practical and stylish.


I’m genuinely sorry for the amount of sarcasm on this post.  In reality I think I wrote this to give you a good laugh with my genuine commentary. If not, at least we can laugh at some of these prices. Anyways, hope you have/had a wonderful day! Until next time!