Well hello there everyone! Long time no see! Today’s post will be another type of roundup of my favorites but with a special twist: they’re all youtube videos. One of my favorite things to do is to sit back and watch some of my favorite bloggers get amped up for the season. So I decided to go ahead and list some of my favorite videos from this season so you can binge watch them all. Aren’t I a great influence? So go ahead and enjoy the following videos of some of my favorite vloggers! Also be sure to stick around to the bottom of this post for an extra announcement.


1. Winter Morning Routine – Kalyn Nicholson 


(only one of my favorite Youtubers! She keeps it real so check out her older videos)


2. Kelsey Simone Vlogmas 

I lovvvee Kelsey’s style and aesthetic! One of my top favorite Youtubers again. Her videos are always sooo much fun and currently she is doing Vlogmas so go ahead and check them out.


3. BecxBlogs

I could not write a post about Youtubers and not include my girly Becca! I am biased because Becca is part of my little blogger group of friends (hey guys!) so obviously I love her videos. But definitely check out her videos because she is such a sweet lady!


4. Fat Fashion Films

Again I am a little biased here since Naomi is another one of my favorite ladies ever! She tells it like it is and be sure to check out another one of my blogging friends.


5. Finals Week Makeup – Liv Vargus

I am hands down so glad I stumbled upon this Youtube channel! So I only put one video but hands down watch all of her videos. Not only is she real as can be, goes to school in the best city in the world (L.A pride!), but she is such a great model for being the best you can be. My favorite part of her videos  is the even if she isn’t feeling positive, she still keeps it real about it and it truly is very relatable.



so for that announcement…

I hope you all enjoyed that and were able to distract yourself from your holiday shopping in a good way. So as promised I have a special announcement for you all. If you follow my twitter than you know I’ve been teasing starting Youtube for a long time. I don’t have the exact date for you but I can go ahead and confirm that will happen. However I haven’t decided if it something I will have done before the end of the year or a new project for 2018. I do have videos filmed and ready for editing but with so much going on, I haven’t had the time yet. Just wanted to go ahead and add that I will be continuing blogging.

The content of this blog will not change while Youtube will be geared towards a more lifestyle niche. I am beyond excited to share this new project with you all. In the coming days I will be talking more as to why I finally decided to dive into Youtube and everything new coming in 2018. Thank you guys and until next time!