Today I am so excited to finally be doing a Christmas tag! I love doing tags because its such a fun way to get to know people behind the blog. So for this tag, I was tagged by the lovely doll over at Fat Fashion early this month. I will leave in the bottom of the post a list of people I tag to complete this as well.

q.1 : What is a Christmas tradition you do every year without fail?

I’m not sure if this is a tradition exactly but every Christmas Eve my family gets together to usher in Christmas Day together. So instead of just celebrating one day, we celebrate two which is widely done in Mexico. We also go full out on the food so its a nice little tradition we have.

q.2: What is a Christmas tradition you do every year that people might find strange?

I’m not sure if everyone does this but I know in Latin-American countries they might, but we don’t eat Christmas dinner until after midnight. So we get together the 24th and then wait until after midnight to eat together on the 25th. I think most people have dinner the 25th only but we do both days.

q.3 : What is your favorite Christmas movie and song?

I mentioned this in my holiday movies list, but my favorite movie would be Polar Express! That hot chocolate scene is probably my favorite thing ever! And for some reason I think explains my love for it too. But any ways, I just love the movie because its all about the spirit of believing and friendships .

For my favorite song, I think it would have to Hallelujah by Pentatonix. I know its a cover but I just love the acapella version so much because it has a magical vibe to it. Definitely listen to this every Christmas season.

q.4: What is the best and worst present you’ve received? 

It wasn’t my best present but definitely my most memorable one was one year when my dad gave me two big bags of hot cheetos and a bottle of chipotle ranch. I was utterly obsessed with anything that had chipotle in it and I just found that to be the most hilarious thing ever that he gifted me that.

I don’t like to say worst gifts because I think everyone tries their hardest to give something meaningful to people. It’s not my worst gift is but I will say that I hate giving or receiving gift cards. I just like something to have meaning behind it so I just don’t like gift cards because its a bit impersonal.

q.5: What is one beauty product you are excited about using in your Christmas looks?

I just bought the Modern Renaissance palette earlier last month and I am loving it! It is so pigmented and the colors are just classics for any season. I can’t wait to really learn more combinations to use this Christmas season.

q.6 What is your go -to Christmas party dress this year?

I won’t be wearing a dress this season but I did find this top from Urban Outfitters which you can find here.I can wear it this season and still wear it casually after that. I hate buying stuff that I can’t get more than one use out of it.

q.7 What are you most looking forward to this Christmas time?

I just love to be around my family. Although I live with my family, there is something different about the Christmas season. I also love just going all out with the decor and the Christmas tree.

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As well you are all free to complete this even if I didn’t tag you! I hope you enjoyed this tag and I can’t wait to see you guys again tomorrow for Day 11! Until next time!