I am happy to be introducing a brand new series onto my blog all about other bloggers! One of my favorite parts of blogging has been getting to meet people in this beautiful community. For my first blogger spotlight I decided to feature one of my favorite bloggers and I’m not just saying that because she goes to the best school ever like me: Maria Diaz! Small background story for you all before we dive into my interview with her. I met Maria in one of my Journalism classes during my 2nd year in the fall. I am so happy I did because she is seriously the funnest person I’ve met.

So for you all to get to know her a little more go ahead and check out below more about my interview with Maria and don’t forget to check out her blog lookingthroughmyclosetblog.com.






1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I had wanted to be a blogger since I was in the 10th grade. I remember I wrote a Facebook status about it at that time. I have also always loved fashion, and I really got into thrifting in high school. My main reason for becoming a blogger was because of thrift shopping. I wanted to have a platform that was all about my thrift finds, the way I coordinate them into outfits, and overall fashion tips. 

2. What is your personal style?

My personal style I’d have to say is Vintage and 90s. The 90s is my go to era when it comes to outfits. I think 80% of my style is retro. I am always wearing platforms, floral buttons up, high-waisted mom jeans and chokers.

3. How would you describe your blogging style to readers?

My blogging style is definitely a little personal and I try to be inclusive.  Like I talk a lot about the things I like and I try to tie them into my outfit post of the week, I also ask questions in my posts so I am considerate of my readers. I also like to have featured posts, and I am always open for collaborations.  I advocate for body positivity a lot, so there’s also that. Over all my blogging style caters to what’s poppin in the fashion industry.

4. What are you currently studying in school? And why did you choose those majors?

I am actually studying Sociology and I am minoring in Women’s Studies. I have switched and thought about switching majors sooo many times and I ended up pursuing Sociology. There are many reasons why I chose this major. I love giving back to my community. A major in sociology can help me get into the social services which is another thing I am passionate about besides fashion. It’s also very woke, my major is all about inclusivity, breaking gender norms and norms in general. It has made me socially aware!  I also love having food/clothing drives on my free time with friends so I decided to major in something that can guide me to do that and more to give back to those who are less fortunate. As for women’s studies I chose to minor in it for fun, and to benefit me. I have learned a lot about myself and women overall through my minor and it doesn’t hurt to want to learn more. 

5. How do you balance school and blogging?

Honestly, balancing school and blogging is extremely hard! But I have my photo shoots and blog posts during the weekends and focus on school during the week whenever school is in session. Whenever school is out of session I take advantage and post as much as I can when I am on vacation. I don’t always get to blog every weekend but I do dedicate some Friday’s and Saturdays to photoshoots and I’ll just blog away on Sundays. 


6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

That’s a very tricky question. I can’t really say but I do want to say that in 10 years hopefully I have my own apartment, with three cats and that I am financially stable I don’t like to say much because I don’t like to jinx things like that lol

7. What would be your ideal day?

My ideal day depends on my mood. If I want a me day then my ideal day looks like mani pedis, some thrift shopping, Grey’s Anatomy and sleep. If I want a productive work day my ideal day would be a photoshoot, some photo editing, and posting while having food all around me of course.

8. What is your guilty pleasure tv show?

My guilty pleasure TV show is probably Grey’s Anatomy only because this is my 3rd time watching it, and I am obsessed lol

9. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I really want to travel to the Dominican Republic. I want to try out their food of course but the music is what I really want to go for. I am love with Bachata and that’s where it originated from so I really want to see and dance it in it’s place of origin!

10. What are your social media links and site where readers can find you?

My Instagram is @wednesdayy14, my Twitter is @Wednsdayy and lastly my blog is Lookingthroughmyclosetblog.com 



I hope you guys enjoyed reading this interview! Be sure to go ahead and check out Maria’s blog if you haven’t already and follow her social media links provided above to keep up with her!

If you are or know a blogger that would be interested in being featured let me know through my Collaborations page. I would love to get to know you all!