For a long time I was debating whether or not to begin doing these monthly favorites for multiple reasons. A) I know on Youtube those videos run super long and B) I use the same thing every month so it’s seemingly pointless. However with the start of school I wanted to go ahead and try new beauty and hair products. I am so happy with these beauty and hair products I’ve used this month that I decided to share it with you.

Most of these products I have will be skincare products as opposed to makeup because I personally wear less makeup during the summer (sweating off makeup is the worst) and I focus more on my skincare. With fall and winter approaching I will be adding more makeup favorites to these lists.

This post is not sponsored (one product was sent to me for free as a gift, however all opinions about it are my own and was not encouraged to add it in this post) and are products I loved that I feel you would all love as well.

Without further ado I will let you all know some of my favorite August products!

1. Mario Badescu Facial Spray 

August Favorites

I know it’s one of the most stereotypical blogger/vlogger products out there but let me tell you the truth. Not only is it the most refreshing spray ever but it smells like heaven. It is only $7 and honestly I am going to stock up on some more because it’s worth it. I prefer it more to refreshen my face when I am wearing less makeup but it does have multiple uses. I have seen many using it as a setting spray but I haven’t actually tested to see how it holds. Usually I would say these kinds of products are pointless but I can vouch on how worth it this is.

As a side note, when I was picking this out the lovely sales associate did add that the rest of the skincare line is incredible as well. You can buy this spray directly on the Mario Badescu site.

2. Clinque Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight

August Favorites

I am not a big fan of using stick foundations or concealers etc. because that is a skill I do not have. But if you don’t feel like paying a ridiculous amount for a highlighter this is where it is at. I think out of all of my highlighter arsenal (which is a lot #noshame), this is by far one of my favorites.

It may not be the most promoted out but the highlight is so natural but real it is amazing. I did receive this in some sample box that I do not recall, but I would purchase this. If there is only one thing I will warn you about is that you must be careful when blending it in. It is really easy to miss a spot and walk out of the house with a giant streak. But other than that, in regards to highlighters I would seriously give this a try.

3. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

August Favorites


For some reason I think Living Proof just gets me. I recieved a sample in my Sephora Play box a few months ago and right when I was running out… BOOM! I recieved it again in another box.

However that is not why I am adding it to the list. Dry shampoos is probably another one of the products I will never need to buy because I have too many samples. Out of all of the ones I have this is the only one that does not have a horrid smell to it. It’s also one of the ones that does not leave my hair stiff at all. Not to mention it doesn’t leave it even more oily which some I’ve used have done. If you are looking for a dry shampoo I would 100% recommend taking a look at Living Proof as its one of my ultimate favorites from my hair care products!

4. Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

August Favorites

So in full disclosure I did receive this as a gift from Harper + Ari but I am adding it to this list simply because of my preference. I was not told I had to review it but it is so lovely that I just have to.

As a full on Lush fan I have used their body exfoliators for a long time. Even though they are very well also, these sugar cubes are the most practical and fun things to use. If you really think about it, how many times has your scrub gotten run down by all the water in the shower or bath. With this, you literally take one sugar cube or break one in half and use that. No need to have the danger of getting a runny scrub.

Plus I mean let’s be completely honest, using sugar cubes is just too cute. I received the coconut one but they do have a variety of different fragrances. Also do not try to eat them.

5. Fresh Rose Face Mask

August Favorites

Every good skin/beauty post needs a good mask in it so here we are. I am a huge fan of the Fresh line in general but this face mask is just a beaut! Not only does it feel great on the skin but its soft and smells likes roses. Especially if you have more sensitive skin I would test this out since its not harsh at all. The gel like form really helps smooth out your skin and just make it feel super fresh (pun not intended). I haven’t actually used this one as much recently because I found another love (hint.. video coming soon) but I did use this a lot in the beginning of the month. Honestly there is nothing with this product I’m just following a more rigorous routine. So definitely check this out because when it comes to more popular brands, Fresh has never disappointed me.


So those are the only products I have for you guys this month! Let me know if you guys liked these monthly favorites and what you want to see in next months! Be sure to also comment down below if you enjoyed any of these products or any of your own suggestions.