My name is Leslie Leon and I am founder/creator of the blog you are currently reading.


Hello everyone, I am a Los Angeles based fashion/lifestyle blogger as well as a procrastinating college student. Now in my third redesign of this blog, I am very happy to now be

Why is this?

I believe that sometimes we all try to hide behind or force ourselves behind a brand or label in order to not put ourselves out there. This is something I personally have struggled with but I am ecstatic to give you all a glimpse of who I really am and hopefully inspire you all to put yourself out there.

I decided to restart this blog under a new name and design because I wanted to show you all more of my personality and style. With this 3.0 design I strive to be myself more and more, something that I am still learning how to do and how to be comfortable.

Specifically fashion has been one of the greatest factors in my personal evolution. In my opinion there is a sort of magic in the fact that something as simple as dressing up in the morning can have a major impact on the rest of our day. No matter what you choose to wear, your style can help you be your most confident self.


My inspiration comes from the wonderful city of Los Angeles which is just a melting pot of diverse styles and people. Living by the beautiful outdoors, I have come to embrace my love for all things having to do with nature. I would also say that I am definitely influenced by the wonderful people I have in my life and their unique styles.


On this space my goal is to show you all a little bit of my world for the first time but also provide a safe place for you all to find inspiration and share your own world. So join me on this new journey and I hope you all enjoy.

With lots of love,

Leslie Leon