Have you been in an Instagram rut? Are the Instagram accounts you currently follow just not inspiring you anymore?

Let’s face it, we all spend a lot more time on Instagram than any of us would care to share. One of the plus sides to the social media site is the amount of creative people there are. It’s a place where you can always find someone out there whose feed just speaks to your preferred style. I understand this may seem a little melodramatic over an Instagram feed but stick with me.

A positive side to a site like Instagram is that it’s very easy to be inspired by someone who shares you same taste. It allows you to connect with others who appreciate your aesthetic (only time I will use this non-sarcasticly, promise).

Because Instagram is such a big part of what I do, I decided to share with you all a small list of some of my favorite Instagram accounts. Most of these accounts belong to bloggers but there are many more accounts out there that will fulfill your feed needs.

1. @dancingwithflyingcolors

Heaven is a place on earth with you 🌈🦋🌼 @coach #GoRogue #Ad #TimeForCoach

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I don’t know about you but one of my favorite parts about Ashley’s overall theme is just how bright and colorful it is! Seriously all of this color just brightens up my day and is just to stunning to look at! I would definitely check her out if you are looking for a little cheeriness in your feed.


2. @ktzahorak


Another cool blogger I would check out would be Kathryn! One of the chicest girls on my entire feed, you can always count on her posting some of the most stunning west coast fashions and scenery. And yes I am biased because I live in California.


3. @jamienkidd


If you ever wanted to see what boho chic looks like, then this is the account for you. Jamie’s account is just filled with the outfits of your dreams. To top it all off, in the locations of your dreams.


4. @allegraroseb

fridays are for daydreams 🌛 📸: @isasagas

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Now everyone on this list I admire for being super creative, but this account just takes the cake. One of my favorite parts is how creative and unique each one of her photo’s are. These are definitely not your run of the mill photos.


5. @tezzamb


And last but not least, Tessa’s account is the beautiful mix of a free-spirit with a bit of an edge. If you are looking for an account that constantly feels like your summer dream then I would go ahead and click the follow button on here.


Well those are the five accounts I have but be sure to let me know any more Instagram accounts you would recommend. Be sure to also follow my Instagram at the bottom of the page or @_leslieleon_ .