How many times have you gotten tired of listening to the same music over and over again? Not including the same three songs on the radio but the same songs on your phone. There are only a certain amount of times I can skip the same songs each drive. If this is you I’ve got a solution: podcasts. Specifically, fashion podcasts.

Before you click away, I too was very skeptical of how interesting podcasts could be. It’s really is just listening to people talking. Since I was getting sick of the same songs and I decided to give them a try.

Now if you clicked on this link than you probably are looking for a more ‘stylish’ podcast to listen to. Fashion podcasts are some of my favorite topics because there are so many general areas you can listen to. Whether you are listening to experts talk the current trends or about the industry in general, fashion podcasts are the perfect way for any trendy driver to start their morning commute.

Check out the list below for five that have drawn me in for being so addictive to listen to! If you have an iPhone or iPod you can download them through the Podcast App already installed on your phone. I am not certain for Android users but I believe you may have to download a Podcast App to be able to download podcasts.


5 Fashion Podcasts You Must Listen To:


1.  At Home With…

This list isn’t in any particular order but I really wanted to list this one first because it is one of my favs!! Created by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton, this podcast takes listeners to the homes of your favorite beauty founders, bloggers, writers and just about everyone and really makes it feel like you are touring their homes! The last episode of the season even featured one of my favorite Youtubers, Zoella. I listened to this one during one of my morning commutes to work and it was soo interesting! Especially since they tour Zoella’s new home and it is so cool to hear about how she went about decorating and more about her beginnings on Youtube. If you are just starting to listen to podcasts, I would start here.

2. Office Hours with CollegeFashionista

There will always be a special place in my heart for CollegeFashionista. If you didn’t know, when I was first starting college I was a Style Guru for a few semesters. Due to my busy schedule I could no longer keep up with it. With that being said, I am so happy to listen to the great advice they dole out in their podcast. Each episode has a great guest related in one way or form to the industry. This podcast is especially great for anyone in college needing tips towards a career in the industry.

3. Unstyled by Refinery29

Sticking true to the Refinery29 model of simply just not caring about the “standard”. Their podcast hosted by Christene Barberich, Refinery29’s global editor-in-chief and co-founder delivers the same type of badassery as their site. My favorite part about this series is that not only do they tackle issues women face but also how fashion can be used as a solution. Their guests are all connected in a way to the fashion world but come from different areas. Their truly is something for every type of fashion lover.

4.Vogue Podcast

Now if you want some serious hardcore motivation for your day, this is definitely the podcast for you. What better podcast to hear about the best of the fashion industry than from one of the powerhouses of the industry itself? It is no lie that Vogue definitely has its own stamp in fashion so this podcast is a great way to hear straight from some experts. And if you are hesitating even a moment, André Leon Talley is the host. So you already know it is serious business here.

5. Pop Fashion

And now for the last but not least we have Pop Fashion! Pop Fashion, hosted by Lisa Rowan and Kaarin Vembar, is a different kind of podcast than the ones listed above as they tackle a different kind of aspect of fashion. As opposed to focusing in on the trends of the industry, this podcast talks about the business aspect of fashion as well as topics many don’t speak about. My favorite part of this podcast is that it is a bit more educational than the others about learning the insides and outs of the actual industry itself.

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So those are the five podcasts I have for you today. Let me know in the comments below any other topics you want to see podcasts for!

Tell me if you have listened to any of the above or if you have any more fashion podcasts to suggest!