Stress, it is one of the thing almost everyone has experiences. Whether it’s because of work or school, stress has the unbelievable power to consume our everyday lives. Instead of seeking relaxation, many times we just try to work with the stress. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that stress can also be the driving force to help us get our stuff done. It is when we hit too much stress that we can no longer think or do, that’s the problem. This is why we all need to learn to bring this stress down and relax.

However, not everyone has a lot of time to spend on trying to relax. So what do you do?

There are always ways to quickly bring down and ease your stress. This quick list of three has helped me when I am in the middle of studying for my exams or I am busy at work. Of course this is not a definite list and it comes from my own experience. This also isn’t supposed to completely de-stress you for the rest of your day. It is an instant and temporary relaxation. These tips are for those of you that need something to get you through that study session or work shift. So let’s get started.

Relax Tip #1 : Light Up a Candle

Okay so this one may be a bit complicated if you are at work. Depending on where you work, it isn’t always possible to light up a candle. This is better suited for those of you studying or working at home or in a place that may not distract others.

The point of this one is for you to go out and purchase a candle that has your favorite scent or a scent that instantly draws you in. When you begin to study light up your candle and wait for the fragrance to begin. Most of the time I find that if I light the candle right when I start, by the time I am in the middle of stressing the fragrance will really kick in. If you relate that smell to tranquility, you will instantly feel relaxed when you begin smelling it. For me it is the smell of the ocean, flowers or woods that I equate to a calming state of mind. It is our brain that will do this to us and help tell our bodies that it is time to lower our stress.

Now don’t quote me on that last part, I know nothing of science but it is simply what I have heard.

However I do believe that if we surround ourselves if images, sounds or smells that remind us of when we are not stressed out, then we will automatically respond in that way.


Relax Tip #2 : Step away from your work

This one again works best if you are studying or working at a desk or in an office. If you work in a retail location or something similar than it can be difficult to distance yourself.

The task here is to take a very small 5-10 minute break from what you are doing. One key point that I have noticed is not to fall upon technology. Get up and walk around or go outside for a bit. If you take your break and use your social media or technology than you will instantly want to keep checking it afterwards. The point of this tip is to have your mind go somewhere else for a small amount of time.

Your mind should get break long enough that you feel refreshed but not too long that you can’t get back to work. This is why I would recommend only 5-10 minutes. This is enough time to make it feel like you took a 2 hour break without the time waste.

One advice I have received and have given to others is to give yourself small breaks when you are studying. If your chapters are long, take a break between chapters. If they are short, take a break between your subjects. In order for studying to work, you have to give your brain a rest in order to retain the knowledge. You also don’t want to tire out your mind right before you begin studying for another subject.

Relax Tip #3 : Breathe.

This may seem simple or obvious, but you may be surprised at how many people don’t take a deep breathe. This tip is practical in almost every setting that could be stressing you out. Do you have a lot of work to get done? Breathe. Is your workplace incredibly packed and busy? Breathe.

Taking a few deep breaths in and out can instantly help your body when you feel it starting to get nervous. Do this the typical 1o seconds in and out and you will ultimately notice your body starting to relax itself.

If you genuinely believe that you can de-stress, your mind and body will follow.


So those are my quick and easy tips, if you have any more you would like to share be sure to leave it down below!