It is now official I am no longer considered a teen! Unless you look at me and then I look solidly 16 and not 20. But according to everyone who ever asks for my age, it will pay off in the future. Looking forward to those moments.

Now that I have turned 20, I decided to do a small post all about 20 things you may not know about me! These are just small random things about me.

So without much of a long intro, here we go!

20 Facts About Me

1. I am not 5’0. Shocker but I thought I would officially confirm that news. 

2. When I was younger I wanted to be a professional soccer player. I wasn’t that untalented but I got really lazy and didn’t pursue that.

3.  Even though I am a hardcore Disney fan, I haven’t seen all of the Disney movies. This includes The Little Mermaid, Dumbo and Sleeping Beauty. 

4. I have such an intense fear of snakes. In fact when I was younger I would have nightmares about snakes crawling up my bed. Needless to say, I had many sleepless nights. 

5. Even though I am just turning 20, Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to visit. I mean those buffets are just too good to pass up.

6. It took me 5 tries to pass my driver’s license. In my defense, I look 16 and like an unreliable driver. In their defense, I can barely see the road. 

7. Sometimes I am so sarcastic that even I get offended by it.

8.  I watch HGTV like a religion. (#TeamPropertyBrothers) 

9. Because of #8 I can list you everything I want in my dream home which I have decided to renovate once I buy it.

10. I used to want to move to New York after college but currently I have decided to stay in Los Angeles after I graduate in 2019. Too much love for my west coast. 

11. I don’t like sushi. Don’t even ask. 

12. I like to look at homes for sale when I’m bored. Also relevant to #8.

13. I can recite every lyric to every song in all three High School Musical movies. And I am sure proud about it. 

14.I was one of those kids that thought they had magical powers to change the stoplights. I had a harsh realization when I found out I didn’t.

15. Whenever I am not watching HGTV or soccer, I would rather be watching the news. 

16. I used to say I didn’t want to major in the same thing as my sister, who was a political science major. I am now a Journalism/Political Science double major. 

17.I have to know what is going on in current events. I am that person that gets the updates about the news on their phones. 

18. My motto has and always will be: Family first. 

19. My original plan was to begin with Youtube but I was too shy so I started blogging instead. 

20. 19 was hands down one of, if not, the best year of my life. 


So there you have it folks, 20 random things about me.  Before I sign off from this post I want to thank every one of my readers for making this past year an amazing year for me. I look forward to some incredible projects I have planned for this next year, including the start of my Youtube channel. This year has been one of tremendous growth for me (literally not physically. #TeamPetite) and I thank everyone who has supported me.

Now as a birthday gift I ask for only one thing: Please donate to some organizations you support. If you needed an excuse to do so, this is it. One of my biggest beliefs is giving back. So I ask you to donate anything you can. There is no little donation.

Go ahead and comment below what your favorite birthday memory/gift has been!

Thank you all! And now to make 20 even better!